Using Facetime on a Computer

Facetime is an amazing video chatting tool that was officially developed for the IOS platform. This amazing chatting app was first developed for iPhone in the year 2010 and it has developed and made available on the Mac OS X. So, this app is doing and excellent jobs in making people connect one another through its excellent scrutinized features. This app offers many advantageous features that enable users to easily utilize it for their purposes.

Using Facetime on a Computer

Advantageous Features of Facetime:

There are numerous advantageous features that Facetime offers to its users and that is the reason it is gaining much popularity among the IOS community. However, you will like the awesome working of this software in making communication better.

This app works absolutely with both the cellular data and Wi-Fi connection and you can instantly use Facetime by having your device connected to internet, with any of the above mentioned medium. So, this app is absolutely handy to use in your iPhone and Mac OS X devices.

You can make video and audio calls by tapping on the options available within the app easily. Facetime app is designed in a very easy and flexible that you can operate and use for your daily purposes. For connecting to your friends, relatives or office colleague through this app, you just need to have their phone numbers and Email address.

Though this app doesn’t have a travelling plan, still you can instantly use this app while travelling to distant places by flight, train or any other medium. As this software works in online mode, so you must have an internet access to utilize this app on your device.

How to use Facetime on your Computer?

Facetime is not officially available yet for Windows operating system, as it is only functioning in IOS platform. So, you can use similar other app like Facetime on Windows PC which works almost same as Facetime. In the following, I am mentioning some of the best alternative of Facetime that you can use on your Windows PC now.


This can be the first option, when you are looking for best video chatting app on your Windows PC. Skype is the most handy and highly featured app that has gain good review from its users over the years. It offers many advantageous features that are really helpful in making video calls and audio calls. So, this app can be the best recommended app for making video chat on your Windows PC now.


This app can be the best alternative to Facetime and it is also supported in all multiple platforms such as Android, IOS, Mac OSX, Linux, etc. You will enjoy using it because it enables you to make conversation in cross platforms as well. So, you can just have an internet connection on your device to start using this app.


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Facetime is an absolutely handy app that offers you free video and audio chatting services. However, Facetime is not yet made available for your Windows PC and you will need to get the best alternatives for that. So, in the above I have suggested, best two alternative app of Facetime that you can use on your Windows PC which you can download to experience exclusive live chats.

Top 5 Apps For Movie Lovers

movie streaming app

We’re all a fan of videos, they’re a great way to glean information on multiple levels and can help you understand complex topics through pictographic and auditory mediums with different things to add to our lives.

People watch movies for different reasons, entertainment, knowledge, to socialize and sometimes simply to kill time. There’s a lot that goes into making each one and its not always that you can get everything possible in one go from video platform.

Whether you’re a fan of short movies from the underground or full length feature films – you’re going to love what we have in store for you today – since this is the day we discuss the Top 5 Apps For Movie Lovers that you can get to round out your movie watching experience:


This allows you to download any movie shared by a torrent uploader. It’s priority and therefore speed can be altered such that either you have the faster torrent speed and low net speed for other applications or the other way around. Torrents do carry risks with them though – usually in the form of adware or spyware – so be super careful with the torrents you choose to download and if possible use torrents from select uploaders and torrent sites.

Easy downloader

This app is to be downloaded along with a browser and used with the browser. When you search for a movie in the browser the app automatically detects the link of the movie and the option to download it appears in the app. This app is therefore definitely easier to use than most.


It’s an app that lists links to the video the user is looking for. This way one can search multiple sites but with just one app. It’s a fast download service and allows you the option of quality cut and resolution among other things. Although the app is mostly in its nascent stages, its ease of use and seamless integration with your accounts in various video hosting websites gives it the edge and makes it an all in one android movie app that we guarantee you will adore. Terrarium Tv app for movies : Latest Boom In this List


This may not have latest movies or in fact most movies. But being powered by Google it’s faster than any other video streaming app. It has the option of quality and other than possible constant interpretation by adds it’s a great app to use. Additionally, you can subscribe to movie series’ and other video channels to make the most out of the app and (quite literally) spend hours combing through videos of your favorite youtubers.


It’s a great app for video streaming. It’s got a vast library of movies and TV shows. It’s entirely free you just have to sign up. Then either search a particular movie or browse the library by genre to find a movie you would like to watch. You can also use similar apps like Showbox pc app.

We highly recommend that you try each one of these apps if you haven’t already. Some may take a few hours or a day to get used to, but it’s well worth the trouble if you really enjoy spending time watching movies.