Using Facetime on a Computer

Facetime is an amazing video chatting tool that was officially developed for the IOS platform. This amazing chatting app was first developed for iPhone in the year 2010 and it has developed and made available on the Mac OS X. So, this app is doing and excellent jobs in making people connect one another through its excellent scrutinized features. This app offers many advantageous features that enable users to easily utilize it for their purposes.

Using Facetime on a Computer

Advantageous Features of Facetime:

There are numerous advantageous features that Facetime offers to its users and that is the reason it is gaining much popularity among the IOS community. However, you will like the awesome working of this software in making communication better.

This app works absolutely with both the cellular data and Wi-Fi connection and you can instantly use Facetime by having your device connected to internet, with any of the above mentioned medium. So, this app is absolutely handy to use in your iPhone and Mac OS X devices.

You can make video and audio calls by tapping on the options available within the app easily. Facetime app is designed in a very easy and flexible that you can operate and use for your daily purposes. For connecting to your friends, relatives or office colleague through this app, you just need to have their phone numbers and Email address.

Though this app doesn’t have a travelling plan, still you can instantly use this app while travelling to distant places by flight, train or any other medium. As this software works in online mode, so you must have an internet access to utilize this app on your device.

How to use Facetime on your Computer?

Facetime is not officially available yet for Windows operating system, as it is only functioning in IOS platform. So, you can use similar other app like Facetime on Windows PC which works almost same as Facetime. In the following, I am mentioning some of the best alternative of Facetime that you can use on your Windows PC now.


This can be the first option, when you are looking for best video chatting app on your Windows PC. Skype is the most handy and highly featured app that has gain good review from its users over the years. It offers many advantageous features that are really helpful in making video calls and audio calls. So, this app can be the best recommended app for making video chat on your Windows PC now.


This app can be the best alternative to Facetime and it is also supported in all multiple platforms such as Android, IOS, Mac OSX, Linux, etc. You will enjoy using it because it enables you to make conversation in cross platforms as well. So, you can just have an internet connection on your device to start using this app.


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Facetime is an absolutely handy app that offers you free video and audio chatting services. However, Facetime is not yet made available for your Windows PC and you will need to get the best alternatives for that. So, in the above I have suggested, best two alternative app of Facetime that you can use on your Windows PC which you can download to experience exclusive live chats.