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Name VoltSim – Circuit Simulator
Category Education
Size 5.7MB
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Publisher fallenbug
Score 6.0
Publish Date 24/05/2022
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Mod Info:

VoltSim – Circuit Simulator

VoltSim – Circuit Simulator Game Introduction :

VoltSim is a realtime circuit simulator like Multisim, SPICE, Proteus, LTspice, or Altium with a better user experience.

VoltSim provides you with the field to design your own circuit and explore how a circuit works.

VoltSim will help you get a deeper understanding of how electronic circuits works with beautiful visualizations. This app will help you visualize how the voltage varies across the circuit and how current flows through it. It has a 4 channel oscilloscope and multimeter to analyze component values.

The examples provided with the app cover the basic functionality of all components.

This app is still in alpha stage, more components will be added gradually. If you find any bugs please create a bug report or contact us through email.

You can report an issue or make component request at or just email us 🙂

Feature highlights:
* Material, intuitive user interface
* Unlimited workspace
* Animation of potential difference and current
* Automatic wire routing
* Manually adjust wire routing
* Automatic simulation
* Plot values in oscilloscope
* view values in multimeter
* Export circuits

+ Voltage sources (single and double terminal)
+ Current source
+ Resistor
+ Potentiometer
+ Capacitor (polarised and non-polarised)
+ Inductor
+ Transformer
+ Diode
+ Zener diode
+ Tunnel Diode
+ Transistor (NPN, PNP)
+ Mosfet (n, p)
+ Switches (SPST, Push, SPDT)
+ Operational amplifier
+ Voltmeter
+ Ammeter
+ Fuse
+ Joint ( for creating cross joints in wire )
+ Text
+ Relay
+ Bulb
+ Digital gates (and, or, xor, nand, nor, xnor, not, logic in/out)
+ FlipFlops
+ 555 IC
+ schmitt trigger
+ DC Motor
+ SparkGap

VoltSim – Circuit Simulator Game screenshot :

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