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Name MellowJ
Category Shopping
Size 31.4MB
Popularity 6240
Publisher Guangzhou Mailuo Information Technology Co., Ltd.
Score 6.0
Publish Date 17/05/2022
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MellowJ Game Introduction :

Brand Concept: Inner Chic Never Goes Out Of Style.
About MellowJ
MellowJ is an e-commerce platform for high cost-effective and selective goods. It selects high-quality, cost-effective clothing and daily necessities for users with insight into the needs of consumers, helping them easily create their unique, comfortable life with a small amount of money and time.
The DNA of MellowJ
The name MellowJ is derived from MellowJudy, which means a mature and lovely girl. MellowJ has a deep insight into women’s need for a fashionable lifestyle and provides them with well-chosen and cost-effective products. The Mission of MellowJ is To Appreciating Fashionable Lifestyles, and the DNA of MellowJ is a Balance of Quality and Price. MellowJ believes that a comfortable life does not require a lot of money and energy.
Therefore, it goes into the demands of worldwide consumers to help them select high-quality products from thousands of upstream supply chains with different sources, different categories, different qualities, and various prices. We strictly control the quality of products and cut the cost of them, helping customers quickly find favorite and cost-effective products to enjoy a comfortable life.
The Original Aspiration of MellowJ
In the era of the Internet, are you lost in the consumption trap of \”fast fashion\”? The products you buy are often not what you like? Are you often deceived by the pictures of products to buy goods that are far from real ones? Is it difficult for you to find what you really need and like from tens of thousands of products?
We focus on customers’ needs and experience. We care about every selection they make with our help, and we care about every product. We hope to build a platform that connects cost-effective products to our customers. In this way, they can find the most cost-effective and suitable products in the complex information, which can let them create their exclusive comfortable life with little money and time. Based on this Original Aspiration, we have created a cost-effective and selected goods platform-MellowJ.

MellowJ Game screenshot :

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