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Name Bead Pattern Creator
Category Art & Design App
Size 11.1 MB
Reviews 4765
Developer Crochet Designs
Publish Date: 2022-05-24
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The description of Bead Pattern Creator App

Bead Pattern Creator for your mobile device.Comes with 5 free patterns. Download is free. To activate creation is $2.99.Create bead patterns for Square Stitch, Brick Stitch, Peyote Stitch, 2 drop Peyote Stitch and Right Angle Weave.To create Bead patterns, select Create a Beading Pattern button.The Bead Pattern Editor will appear. Fill in the squares with beads of any color.To get started – Use the pencil to add beads to your pattern. Use the Eraser to remove beads from your pattern.You also can select from over 400 stamps, inserts and borders to apply to your crochet pattern.Icons from left to right in the icon bar are:Color icon – use to add new beads with different colors to your bead list.Save icon – use to save your patternPencil icon – use to add beads to your patternEraser icon – use to remove beads from your patternInserts icon – selectable list of bead patterns to add to your pattern (like roses)Stamps icon – selectable little stamps (little bead designs) to add to your pattern Borders icon – selectable borders to add to your pattern. Borders automatically wrap around your pattern.Dropper icon – lets you extract a bead color from your pattern and add more of that bead to your patternBucket icon – use to fill selected area with beads of the current colorTrim icon – remove squares from your pattern. Undo icon – undo each last change you made to the pattern. Redo icon – redo each changes you undid.Cut icon – remove some beads from the patternCopy icon – copy some beads from the patternPaste icon – paste copied beads to the patternRotate – rotated selection of patternFlip right/left – flip selection of patternFlip top/bottom – flip selection of patternZoom in icon – magnify the patternZoom out icon – minify the patternSymbols icon – display a unique symbol on the bead to indicate it's color valueCamera icon – take a picture using your mobile device camera and convert to a beading patternPicture icon – select a picture from your device and convert to a patternSocial media icon – use social media to share your pattern (email, text etc)Resize bars – resize bars are display at the bottom right corner of your pattern. Drag them to resize your pattern

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