Catalyst Black MOD APK (Unlimited Dust)

0.23.1 (149928)
MOD Features: Unlimited Marks, Unlimited Dust, Unlimited Star Chests, Unlimited Astral Chests
3.9/5 Votes: 1,711
2 days ago
76 MB
0.23.1 (149928)
Android 6.0 and up
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Let yourself be overwhelmed by this action game with our Catalyst Black MOD APK. Get Unlimited Marks, Unlimited Dust, Unlimited Star Chests, and Unlimited Astral Chests resources on your game account.

Catalyst Black Mod Apk Information:

App NameCatalyst Black Mod Apk
Unlimited Marks, Unlimited Dust, Unlimited Star Chests & Unlimited Astral Chests
Size76 MB
Version0.23.1 (149928)
Root Required?No

About the Game

It’s time to explore different realms and have a great adventure on this fictional platform. Go ahead of your limitations and inhabit the life that you always wished for. This game is going to be a great adventure for all the players around the world because it is based in a mystical land and players can do whatever they expect.

We are talking about Catalyst Black: Action Shooter, a wonderful adventurous game that is full of combats. Be in charge of defeating the evil force and bringing peace to the land. This cross-platform gameplay is all you need to realize the enchantment.

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Catalyst Black: Action Shooter is a fabulous game developed by Super Evil Megacorp. On 19th May 2022, the game was first released and now it is a hot topic among hard-core gamers around the world. You can endure something fresh with this video game.  

Unite with your team and start playing Catalyst Black: Action Shooter. This game has been initially developed for Android devices and has lots of scope for all the players. 

Anyone with an Android device can operate the game with the function keys. Start the mission solo or with other players and fight against the opponents, united. You will get the chance to be the God; take up any distinct character in several realms. Take part in digging up the mysterious world and handle all the fantastic weapons to fight against opponents.

Put up with tactical decisions for large-scale battles and win them, demolish the flag of enemies and be the hero. Players can dominate every game by transforming themselves into a primal – earn rewards for their bravery and achieve the goal.

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Game Features

This game is a full-on package. You can experience a brand new adventure and possess all the powerful guns; customize your abilities and play with mystical powers. Travel from one realm to another and take part in multiple battles.

Catalyst Black: Action Shooter is not all about the above-mentioned realities, but there are more you should be aware of. So, let’s move forward and explored the other features of this game.

Be the primal

In Catalyst Black Mod Apk, you can be the one and only hero. Transfer into a God and grabs the power of primal. Remember, with great power comes tremendous duties. You can utilize these superpowers to overthrow the enemies. With the proper technique and implementation win the battle or else you will have to bear the great failure of losing the war against other gamers.

Multiple players

What an opportunity it is! Now, not only a solo gamer but a group of friends can also perform together in this game. The combats will take place between two teams and involve multiple weapons and armor. In this battle, 10 players can participate on behalf of each team.

This means the fight will be among 20 different players from all around the world. This virtual platform can be a decent option to attach with many people.

Every minute counts

This game will let you fight for straight 20 minutes. These 20 minutes will define how much capable you are of the virtual battleground of Catalyst Black: Action Shooter. It is not easy to survive for straight 20 minutes because you will be dealing with the opponent team who is a similar game enthusiast like you.

Make good use of every second and try to build up a proper strategy so that you do not face any vulnerability in the background.


There are multiple levels in the games and you have to win the battles to proceed from one level to the other. As you progress further, you will have to collect a lot of in-game money to upgrade and customize the weapons. To counter the enemies, you need a powerful arsenal and skills.

In-game money

Catalyst Black: Action Shooter can shower love on gamers. In exchange for good performance, all you have to do is perform well to earn the rewards. There are multiple types of rewards for gamers. You have to unlock each reward with major milestones like Dust, Rocket Launcher, Star Chest, and the most important one, the Astral Chest.

You can unlock all these rewards with our new Catalyst Black MOD APK.

Players Reviews

Players Reviews
  • Wow, what a great game! It had me hooked straight away. The controls are very easy to pick up, loadout customisation is varied and gameplay is super smooth. I like the fast paced battles. Also, love this mod.
  • I’ve been playing for about a month now. I really love the game play and how you can really customize your characters load out. The matches are highly competitive. This mod with everything unlocked is great.

Unlimited Marks

In the game Catalyst Black, players can earn Marks by completing missions and defeating enemies. These Marks can then be used to purchase upgrades and new gear from the in-game store. Additionally, Marks can be used to unlock new content, such as bonus levels and secret weapons.

If you want to get infinite marks just download Catalyst Black Mod Apk.

Unlimited Dust

Dust is the in-game currency of Catalyst Black. It can be used to purchase a variety of items in the game, including cosmetics, emotes, and more.

There are a few ways to earn Dust in Catalyst Black:

– Completing quests and achievements

– Opening chests

– Selling items to other players

– By using Catalyst Black MOD APK

If you’re looking to use Dust to purchase items in the game, you can do so by opening the in-game store and selecting the “Dust” tab. From there, you’ll be able to browse and purchase any of the available items.


Catalyst Black: Action Shooter is a complete set. The developer has tried their best to make it enjoyable. Gamers will not be limited to combats, but there are many other features for entertainment. This is a strategy-based game that needs to be handled well.

Hope this writing is sufficient to fulfill all your questions about Catalyst Black: Action Shooter. This game only needs proper attention and lots of energy to deal with the challenges.

Make sure to use our Catalyst Black Mod Apk and unlock all the features and get unlimited in-game currencies.


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