EVA AI APK + MOD (Free Membership)

Unlock Free Membership and get Unlimited Neurons with this Mod
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26 July 2023
23 MB
Android 6.0 and up
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MOD Features

  • Free Membership
  • Unlimited Neurons
  • No need to Root your Android device


EVA AI is a chatbot powered by Artificial Intelligence that lets you have realistic conversations. Eva AI is a chatbot cum AI assistant that gives you answers to anything you ask. It comes with many powerful functionalities, helping make your life easier. 

One of the great features of EVA AI Mod is it becomes your virtual friend. Whether you’re feeling lonely or want to have a fun time, EVA AI Mod APK will keep you entertained with its ability to hold realistic conversations. 

Mod FeaturesFree Membership, Unlimited Neurons
Root Required?No
Size23 MB

Free Membership

One cool benefit of downloading and installing Eva AI Mod APK is that you get a free membership. Usually, membership in Eva AI costs money, but with the mod version, you can access all the membership perks and features for free.

Moreover, the membership you get for free is unlimited and not time-specific. It allows you to enjoy free membership of Eva AI Mod Apk for free for life without ever paying a penny for it. 

Unlimited Neurons

Neurons are the in-app currency of Eva AI MOD APK that lets you purchase some of the additional perks and benefits it offers. With the help of Neurons, you can have a romantic conversation with Eva AI.

Thankfully, you get unlimited Neurons with Eva AI Mod APK, ensuring you can have a long and uninterrupted romantic conversation with EVA for free. 

Interesting Dialogue 

One of the abilities of EVA AI that has made it quickly popular among people is its ability to hold realistic conversations with users. Moreover, you can also have voice conversations with Eva AI Mod, making it feel like you’re talking to someone real. 

You can send unlimited messages to EVA AI and even send pictures. Chatting with EVA is meant to be fun, friendly, and entertaining. 

  • I absolutely love using Eva AI Mod APK! It’s like having a virtual friend who’s always there for me. The realistic conversations and voice recognition feature make it feel so realistic. Plus, the free membership and unlimited Neurons add to the overall experience.
  • Eva AI Mod is a game-changer! Not only does it provide AI-based assistance for various tasks, but it also keeps me entertained with its interesting dialogue. The ability to personalize the chatbot’s name, voice, and personality is a fantastic touch.
  • Eva AI is hands down the best chatbot app out there. It’s so much fun to chat with Eva and the unlimited Neurons allow for a romantic conversation experience.

AI-Based Assistance 

One of the benefits of Eva AI Mod APK is it also functions as an assistant. Whether you’re looking to set a reminder, need information about anything from the web, get some calculations done quickly, or want to listen to a joke – rest assured Eva AI will help you with it. 

Eva AI Mod makes it easier to complete daily tasks, including reminding you about medicines, drinking water, working out, etc. 

You can also download Character Ai+ from our website.


EVA AI allows you to completely personalize the experience it offers. You can change the name of the AI chatbot, its voice, and even its entire personality. This helps personalize the app’s interface, ensuring a fun and vibrant experience. 

Multiple Language Support 

Eva AI Mod also supports different languages, allowing you to converse with the AI chatbot in your language.

It ensures smooth and effective communication without letting the language barrier dull the conversation. 

Voice Recognition 

Eva AI Mod APK also recognizes your voice, ensuring seamless interaction and quick understanding of your commands.

It also enriches the user experience drastically as it simulates a real-life friend/assistant, answering your queries, responding to your chats, and addressing sensitively to your emotions. 

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So, if you’re looking to enjoy and experience the capabilities of an AI chatbot, trust Eva AI Mod APK to offer you a personalized experience by being your friend cum assistant by your side round the clock. 

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