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Name Summon X War Himself
Category Adventure
Size 517.7MB
Popularity 5867
Publisher Rita Wang
Score 6.0
Publish Date 29/06/2021
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Mod Info:

Summon X War Himself

Summon X War Himself Game Introduction :

[Game positioning]

Super Mild Girl Adventure mobile game \”Call X\” coming! Braves people, quickly with the war friends together to guard the peace of the other world, set foot on the crusade against the devil\’s adventure!

[Game background]

A different world called the \”brave land\”, live a variety of strange races.

Among them, humans, elves, angels and demons are the most powerful, and each of them occupies a region and rules the continent

One day, the legions of darkness, who have destroyed countless other worlds, descend on the land of the brave and attempt to take over the world

In the face of the powerful \”dark legion\”, the four tribes have to unite

To fight against the legions, they passed on and nurtured men of virtue and talent

Preparing for the final showdown…

And you become the Chosen One!

Come on! Brave Lord, gather your followers and set out on a crusade against the evil Lord!

【 Game Introduction 】

Staying up late at night to beat a man to death? Nonono!

We are determined to nourishing the liver hair care, refused to fight! Super slight placement of mobile game, let your battleshige lying down can be stronger! Easy and casual, play with stop, even when playing other games are also upgrading!

【 100 Meng Meng war Ji Shen on! 】

Imperial swordsman, sorceress… More than a hundred kinds of love and charm of war for you to call! All of them into the harem of the brave, together to help you crusade against the devil!

Develop a warrior that belongs only to you.

One key upgrade, deepen fetters ~ skill unlock, instantaneous kill the whole region! Forming the strongest beautiful girl team that is only loyal to sama!

【 Japanese voice actor full assist 】

Full role dubbing! Soft sister sound, royal sister sound… There\’s always something for you! Your fight, no longer lonely ~



Summon X War Himself Game screenshot :

Summon X War Himself

Summon X War Himself

Summon X War Himself

Summon X War Himself

Summon X War Himself (517.7MB)

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