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Name Dragon Armor Love
Category Card
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Publisher WHWL
Score 6.0
Publish Date 08/06/2021
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Dragon Armor Love

Dragon Armor Love Game Introduction :

\”Dragon Armor Love\” is a twenty-four solar terms battle card, you will play a general, and twenty-four patron saints including Lichun, Summer Solstice, Liqiu, Winter Solstice, etc., save the East Continent and embark on the road to awakening.
The game\’s original \”God-Transposition\” gameplay, gently move your fingers, freely adjust the position of the fighters, offensive and defensive integration, with a variety of strategies.
Twenty-four solar terms can be combined freely, summoned to join the battle, instantly reverse the situation on the battlefield, and stage a wonderful comeback.
Playing Dragon Armor Love, the \”eye movement, manual movement, and heart movement\” of the battle are all in it!

Game Features

[Two-line development, real-time competition]
\”Dragon City God will step on the stars, the battles will wear golden armor\”, the game provides two different development lines for the Dragon General and the patron saint. Players can develop their favorite lineup according to their own preferences, or make a knife. Or control flow, or rebound flow, competing on the same stage, passion and freedom.

[God Come-Change Position, Control the Battlefield]
On the basis of round battles, we have added \”God-Transposition\”. Players exchange positions of combatants in real time based on the battlefield situation, protect the remnant heroes in time, make big moves in time to attack, and seize the opportunity to chaotic and chaotic. , In one go, nervous and exciting. You can also strategically summon the patron saint to battle, instantly reverse the situation on the battlefield, and stage a wonderful comeback. It is truly manual, eye-moving, and turbulent.

[Sanqi and Liuyi, accompany you forward]
Sanqi and Liuyi are your 9 closest friends.
You will grow from acquaintance to acquaintance, from the acquaintance of nodding to the acquaintance of Jinlan. During this period, you will bless each other, applaud each other, and grow together. You are not alone in the adventure of Dongzhou.

【Rich cultivation, luck is king】
There are rich ways to develop in the game, time income and themed activities, making the game more exciting. Lucky sharing triggered from time to time, you have the final say on whom to give the good luck. In related themed activities, there is also a selection of \”The King of Luck\”. Whoever is wrong, whoever is wrong, speaks with European spirit.

[Alliance blood battle, share the glory]
The alliance of Longjia Love is more like a big family, where everyone helps each other and grows together.
The flag is in the people playing, what you want is the sense of conquest of capturing the flag, and \”we will never retreat\” when guarding the flag.
Fighting Dongzhou in a bloody battle, united as one, people in the city, every contribution of yours will find your glory in the organization.

[Solar term culture, new interpretation]
We visualize the twenty-four solar terms in China, let them become your patron saints, and combine with the higher-dimensional eight gods to show you the splendor of time and space changes and the magic of ghosts and ghosts.

Dragon Armor Love Game screenshot :

Dragon Armor Love

Dragon Armor Love

Dragon Armor Love

Dragon Armor Love

Dragon Armor Love

Dragon Armor Love (375.0MB)

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