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Name Untitled Ragdoll Game(No Ads)
Category Casual
Size 38.5MB
Popularity 3111
Publisher WHWL
Score 6.0
Publish Date 24/12/2020
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Mod Info:

Untitled Ragdoll Game(No Ads) No Ads

Untitled Ragdoll Game(No Ads) Game Introduction :

Implemented functions:
–drag. Drag and drop a ragdoll or any other object. Multi-touch is supported, so you can try it out too.
–break in. All body parts have their own limitations, so forcing them against their natural movements will disrupt them and thus affect their future movements.
– dismembered. You can grab and pull different parts of your body from the sides, or simply throw a heavy object to separate them.
–pressure. You can crush body parts with heavy objects.
–control. Change the behavior of characters, give them commands and use selected items for other characters.
–time. Slow down everything in the game to give yourself time for more complex actions, or stop the flow of time completely, move things around while maintaining the initial speed, and see what happens next when you set the time speed to normal.
coming soon:
–arms. Use all the given arsenals to spread the chaos: melee weapons, pistols, shotguns, automatic rifles, rifles, sniper rifles, various throwable items (like bottles, grenades, etc.), rockets, unique and special weapons, etc.
– – -in stock. Create a backpack, put your favorite items in it, and give it to any character so it can use whatever item it chooses in future actions.
–personalise. Give characters different outfits to make them look more unique, while keeping your inventory of gear and backpacks so you can use everything again very quickly.
– X-rays. Examine the bodies of the ragdolls to see what\’s going on in their bodies when they get hurt.
–artificial intelligence. Improve your characters\’ different status by changing the environment they are in, such as: happiness, fear, anger, hunger, etc.; specific emotions lead to specific behaviors. Divide or group roles by changing their relationships and see what happens next.
– Constructor in game. Create and save your gadgets or entire levels and share them with other players or use their own creations.
\”There\’s a secret complex hidden deep underground. Some say it was built before the First World War, others say it was an international global experiment. But in the end, none of that matters. Once you take the elevator – It\’s a road to the end. Going down a long staircase to see this scary place is just a playground for surreal people, every kidnapped victim has been cloned into a real-life doll, workers Subsequent testing and dismemberment.\”

Untitled Ragdoll Game(No Ads) Game screenshot :

Untitled Ragdoll Game(No Ads)

Untitled Ragdoll Game(No Ads)

Untitled Ragdoll Game(No Ads)

Untitled Ragdoll Game(No Ads)

Untitled Ragdoll Game(No Ads) (38.5MB)

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