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Name Bound By Blades
Category Role Playing
Size 155.1MB
Popularity 6203
Publisher Network
Score 6.0
Publish Date 31/03/2022
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Bound By Blades Unlimited currency

Bound By Blades Game Introduction :

In the Action RPG, Bound By Blades, the desolate land of Ashmyr has become overwhelmed by bloodthirsty beasts. Scavenge materials, forge gear, and fortify yourself to confront the ferocious foes that lie ahead in order to rekindle the last hopes of life.

Features of Bound By Blades
Select from 3 unique characters with their own combat styles and customization to start your journey
Cooperative boss hunting gameplay from the core 10 unique Ilcyon to their vicious variations that will challenge you with their new abilities
Online 2 player co-op with Cross Platform support
End Game Dungeon System combines Slay the Spire’s map with Diablo 3 Greater Rifts progression system for extra replayability
Craft unique equipment out of each boss\’s remains, with unique visuals and descriptions for every piece
Equip the runes that suit your playstyle, strengthen your offense or bolster your defenses
Learn the lore of the lands of Ashmyr through the story and the cute characters
Harvest materials for upgrading in the Dreamland
Endure the awful humor of the Blacksmith and his items
Intuitive Controls and Unique Combat
Bound By Blades is designed for players of all types and is meant to allow any adventurer to embark on this challenging journey. The combat system is vast in allowing a variety of attacks like Quick Attacks, Strong Attacks, Combos and Unique Combo Finishers. But you\’ll need to survive too, so you\’ll need to master Blocking, Dodging, Running, and Healing using potions in the midst of battle. The game may look simple, but it opens itself to a wide dynamic of gameplay and challenges through the bosses\’ abilities and the necessity to master your own.
Learn the Lore of the Lands of Ashmyr
In-between battles talk with the NPCs in town to gain insight on where the Ilcyon came from and the stories of each one. Gain knowledge from the village elder, Eldros as he helps give tips on tackling each battle. And learn the lore of stories told within the world from Finny, the \”magical and real heroine\” of Bound By Blades.

Bound By Blades Game screenshot :

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