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Name Destiny
Category Role Playing
Size 485.4MB
Popularity 6374
Publisher WHWL
Score 6.0
Publish Date 07/07/2021
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Mod Info:

Destiny Role playing game \”destiny\” has been launched on October 20, do not delete file billing test, welcome to download experience!

Destiny Game Introduction :

Maia, the God of creation, has disappeared. Demons from different worlds are waiting for an opportunity to invade Maia and fight with the gods who master the artifact for thousands of years. The gods fall one after another, and the devil\’s Lord is injured and hidden. The goddess of destiny summons you from the long river of destiny. Maybe, it\’s your responsibility to collect the artifact again and fight against the devil\’s Lord
Game features play
1. Adventure play
Real integration into a fantasy world – Maia continent, where people, elves, dwarves, orcs, demons, undead and so on live. Each race has its own unique scenery and different playing methods. For example, the Reines Empire plays Tutu, the elves Kingdom plays Tafang, and the Duchy of Talos plays exploration and puzzle solving
2. Random equipment system
Legendary equipment has legendary characteristics and can even change the rules of combat
Suit equipment is a shortcut to enhance strength, and some suit effects can even turn the situation around
Imprint equipment can greatly increase the attributes of other equipment
Unique space-time equipment system, want to get golden cudgel, dragon blade or wind sword, everything is possible
3. Transfer system
Heroes can be transferred after meeting certain conditions, which makes their appearance cooler and improves their basic attributes and professional skills. There are many branches in the later transfer, so they can create their own unique play
4. Artifact system
There are 12 kinds of artifact in the game. Each artifact has its own talent tree. Artifact talent can help you choose your favorite playing method and genre
5. Follower system
You can recruit multiple followers to kill enemies together. Followers are inclined to output, attract hatred, heal, assist and so on. Reasonable matching can make you invincible

6. Unique event system
All kinds of rare events will be triggered during the campaign. You can get hidden items, rare followers and find hidden enemies
7. Equipment building system
Players can strengthen, inlay gems, engrave runes, melt new equipment and so on. In adventure events, you can obtain various synthetic formulas and forging drawings, and collect materials to forge rare equipment. Melting equipment can produce new perfect equipment, as well as probability to sublimate equipment and produce special effects
8. More plot and hidden elements
The game has a lot of plot and hidden elements, step by step to uncover the secret of Maiya

Destiny Game screenshot :






Destiny (485.4MB)

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