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Name Shinki Gensou: Spectral Souls 2(MOD)
Category Role Playing
Size 363.1MB
Popularity 1302
Publisher WHWL
Score 6.0
Publish Date 01/07/2021
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Mod Info:

Shinki Gensou: Spectral Souls 2(MOD) PSP game porting.

Shinki Gensou: Spectral Souls 2(MOD) Game Introduction :

Neverland, which is in chaos, ignites the war again! In 1053, a tragic tragedy happened in a small green village. With this event as the fuse, and then triggered a large-scale World War, and is known as the \”great devil resurrection war\” of the third Neverland war, so quietly opened the prelude
In the PSP version, in addition to adding many new elements, using the characteristics of the host, players can enjoy the charming story content anytime and anywhere!
1、 Let players experience new elements of PSP version! In the PSP version, the animation in the story has been greatly increased, so that you can experience more telepresence through the beautiful LCD screen of PSP; It\’s a story from the beginning to the end of the seven-year war. In addition, players you cultivate characters, there is no level limit; As long as you use it properly, you can also cultivate a role that surpasses human imagination and is as powerful as the God of war!
2、 Props synthesis system! Full of fun elements! In this game, the synthesis system of props is a very important key in the strategy game. Through the synthesis of specific props, we can not only create more powerful props, but also strengthen the accessory ability of props. In the aspect of strengthening props, we need to use the points obtained after knocking down the enemy to enhance the strength of props, and there are five changes according to the strength; When you reach the highest level, you can sometimes create powerful new props, and then log in to the store to sell them. In addition, in order to get props, it is necessary to explore every corner of the map carefully. In addition to knowing the location of hidden items through villagers, new mazes can also be found by means of checkpoints or destroying certain objects!
3、 One shot will kill! Super gorgeous \”general skill\” and \”must kill skill\” system! Another key to victory or defeat in the battle is the player (general) you! In this game, in addition to the use of soldiers to encircle and suppress the enemy, timely use of the generals\’ skills and must kill skills, in order to more efficiently win and annihilate the enemy! In addition to the attack skills with amazing power and the ability to kill with one strike, there are also different types of special skills that can restore physical strength, revive the dead, change the weather, change the enemy\’s attack attributes and so on! In addition, if the monarch above the special generals, in the use of kill skills, there will be gorgeous wonderful special effects screen! It\’s worth seeing!

Shinki Gensou: Spectral Souls 2(MOD) Game screenshot :

Shinki Gensou: Spectral Souls 2(MOD)

Shinki Gensou: Spectral Souls 2(MOD)

Shinki Gensou: Spectral Souls 2(MOD)

Shinki Gensou: Spectral Souls 2(MOD)

Shinki Gensou: Spectral Souls 2(MOD) (363.1MB)

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