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Name Pepapp
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Developer Pepapp Teknoloji Anonim Şirketi
Score 10.0
Publish Date: 2022-07-18
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The description of Pepapp App

I love you so much!I know your expectations from a menstrual calendar. Starting from the first day you downloaded, I become friends with you and strengthen our friendship with my entertaining and informative advices every day. It's also very easy to be friends with me. I have a very simple usage and thanks to my artificial intelligence, I try to make correct predictions to help you in every way. If you want to get pregnant, I guide you, if you don't want to get pregnant, I inform you about contraception. Also, if you want and already are pregnant, we change our mode and we start to follow your baby trimester by trimester together with pregnancy mode, and we decide together what's right for you two.I offer opportunities such as discharge level, tracking sexual intercourse, adding symptoms, getting advice about symptoms, keeping daily notes, and encryption. AstroPep, on the other hand, informs you about your zodiac sign every day and interprets astrological developments for you, you will be very happy to meet with it. Mercury retrograde, full moon mode is always on it! On Pepzine, I share articles that are renewed every day and are enjoyable to read. I make your day better with the messages I send to your phone. It's not enough, I make you laugh, make you think, compliment and surprise you with many different cards on the main page. We experience every emotion together. Also, I keep everything stored for you so that it will never be lost. That's why I make millions of wonderful new friends like you from all over Turkey.Thanks to APPLE HEALTH INTEGRATION, I make all your follow-ups the most personal and save them. Everything is really at your fingertips! WHO SAID WHAT about the award-winning menstrual calendar and menstrual cycle application PEPAPP? “Pepapp; is aware of the responsibility of thinking of women, of being their best friend.” – CNNTURK, 20 July 2017 “Women's friend in their most difficult times: Pepapp” – MİLLİYET, 16 April 2018 “My best friend.” EKŞISÖZLÜK, 18 May 2018 “Pepapp soon took the first place in the menstrual calendars and 'Health and Fitness' category.” HÜRRİYET, 16 May 2017When you upgrade to the premium version, you will enjoy the ad-free experience. It's a lot of fun navigating Pepapp! Thanks to the premium version, you can read more personalized advice and content, feel better with motivational information. Moreover, you can click on the fun cards on the main page without being premium, and spend your time smiling all the time thanks to me. I know you will be very pleased to meet me. Privacy: Terms:

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