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Name Urban Biker
Category Health & Fitness App
Size 17.1 MB
Reviews 3291
Developer Sublimis App
Score 10.0
Publish Date: 2022-05-04
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The description of Urban Biker App

Record your rides, runs or hikes with a single button click. It's super-easy, yet powerful!Ready for more? Explore the plethora of features and settings!? Accuracy• Wireless sensors ? – supports many standard Bluetooth LE and ANT+ sensors.• Barometric altitude ?️ – barometer sensor is used for supreme altitude accuracy.• Power meter ? – the most accurate power and energy meter in industry.• Auto pausing ⏯️ – can discard all pauses, like the classic wired cycle computer.• Cockpit ? – shows accurate distance, duration, altitude, ascent, descent, power, climb power, energy, efficacy, heart rate, step count, cadence, gear ratio, kinetic energy, vertical speed, acceleration, pace, pressure, temperature, odometer… more than 75 statistics in total!⚡ Efficiency• Free ? – full set of features, no restrictions.• Battery-saving ? – enjoy day-long activities knowing that the battery will last.• Offline friendly ? – Internet is needed for features like online maps, but is not required.• Profiles ? – quickly switch the profile e.g. from Bike to Run without stopping the recording.• Easy resume ↩️ – resume any past ride, doesn't matter if you stopped for an hour or a day.?️ Security• Bike light ? – flashing bike light, turned off automatically when put in a pocket.• Bicycle bell ? – automatic ring when braking, or manually by touching or shaking the device.• Moving sounds ? – great for silent bikes that startle pedestrians.• Maximum privacy ?️ – recorded tracks are stored to device only, also location of your home, workplace, and other private places can be hidden easily.?‍? Science underneath• AI algorithms ? – machine learning and robust statistics is utilized for data processing.• Number crunching ? – more than 75 statistics computed for every ride in sub-second resolution, raw data available in CSV format.• Physical consistency ? – maximum speed cannot possibly be smaller than average speed, and metrics shouldn't spike without a cause.• Mathematical consistency ? – problems of decimal rounding, finite precision, or round-off errors are all handled very carefully for top-notch accuracy.✅ Not just for sportsModern bikers often use more than one means of transport throughout a day. The application can be used to track many of your day-to-day activities, like walking and running, car driving, and even flying.

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