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Name Inventar-Manager
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Developer Alexander Blank
Publish Date: 2022-06-23
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The description of Inventar-Manager App

Inventar-Manager is a mobile application in which you can easily and conveniently record and maintain the entire inventory of a company or a private household.Business & Home You can use the Inventar-Manager on the one hand as a business solution for your company and on the other hand to record your entire private household. Offline function Use the Inventar-Manager on multiple devices with one account. The recorded data is synchronized between the devices. You are not dependent on a permanent online connection, but can also work offline from anywhere without any worries. Further development We regularly develop our applications further. For example, we are currently developing a maintenance planner as an additional app for our inventory manager. Inventory & Evaluations At the end of each business year, almost all companies have to carry out an inventory. This is usually done manually and with a lot of effort. To simplify your annual inventory, a new function was added with the last update – the QR code scanning app.In addition, you have the option to create various evaluations. For example, an evaluation of your total assets. These can then also be printed and used further. QR code / barcode Using barcodes makes for faster and more reliable data entry and searching. This saves precious time and likewise eliminates manual errors during entry. In addition, printing the QR code allows for more convenient entry of items.User management It is possible to create additional users for an active database with different user roles. This means that, for example, both the employees from the purchasing department and the colleagues from the warehouse department can log in to the inventory manager. This way, they can both access, enter and maintain the products. Likewise, users can not only open one database per account, but create multiple inventory lists. This is advantageous if the user wants to distinguish between several companies or does not want to mix professional and private information. Operations With the Check-In & Check-Out function, inventory can be temporarily or permanently checked out of the inventory. For this purpose, a universally usable function was created and some standard scenarios such as Lent or Sold were implemented. Every user can define further own scenarios on this basis.We will be happy to continue to receive requests and suggestions for improvement for the next updates.

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