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Name GlassesOff
Category Medical App
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Developer EYEKON E.R.D Ltd.
Publish Date: 2021-04-19
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The description of GlassesOff App

TRAIN YOUR VISION TO READ WITHOUT GLASSESThe GlassesOff program is designed to eliminate dependency on reading glasses by enhancing your brain’s image processing function. PERSONALIZED & EASY12 minutes per session3 times a weekIn just 2 months you can feel the difference!WHO IS IT FOR- People experiencing the natural effects of near vision decline when reading including: blurred near vision, eye strain, fatigue and/or headaches. – People who anticipate vision deterioration in the near future and would like to delay the need for reading glasses.SCIENCE BEHIND GLASSESOFFHuman vision is determined by the quality of the image captured by the eye and the quality of the image interpretation by the brain. GlassesOff works by strengthening the neural efficiency of the visual cortex to improve visual perception, enhancing the image processing function in your brain.GlassesOff was developed by a leading team of neuroscientists that specialize in pioneering solutions in the field of human vision. Our product uses patented methods that are based on years of scientific research and backed in numerous leading scientific journals. In a recent study published in UC Berkeley, CA, over 90% of subjects, were able to read standard newspaper font size without glasses after completing the GlassesOff program.IN THE NEWS"I used one called GlassesOff, the only one I found that was backed by scientific studies." -The New York Times“It’s a paradigm shift.” – Fox News “Improvement will apply to a wide range of daily tasks.” – Wall Street Journal“One of the top emerging breakthroughs in science and technology.” – Reader’s Digest“Based on legitimate science, it’s sure to put smiles on more than a few faces” – CES Awards VISIT US: LIKE US: US:

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