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Name Super Hearing Sound Magnifier
Category Medical App
Size 3.0 MB
Reviews 4820
Developer Hearing Amplifier
Publish Date: 2021-11-05
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The description of Super Hearing Sound Magnifier App

Super Hearing Sound Magnifier is designed to filter and amplify sound and boost environmental hearing, especially people with hearing loss. Super Hearing Sound Magnifier uses headphone microphone and phone microphone to detect and amplify sound from your surroundings to help you hear better.Use Super Hearing Sound Magnifier to boost sound from devices such as Television, Radio, Speaker, Laptop, etc. and improve sound clarity during recreational activities like bird-watching.Super Hearing Sound Magnifier can be used in classrooms, churches, meetings, conferences or any setting where you are a distance away from the speaker. It supports Bluetooth and wired headsets.Super Hearing Sound Magnifier fine-tunes, augments and amplifies sound to help you communicate effectively and eliminate danger. The hearing amplifier’s sound amplification improves your ability to hear sound without disturbing sleepers.Super Hearing Sound Magnifier helps individuals with hearing loss hear better in small group settings and one-on-one conversations.Super Hearing Sound Magnifier is an everyday companion for millions of people during conversations at work, and with friends and family.Use Bluetooth headphones to avoid carrying your phone around. WHY USE SUPER HEARING SOUND MAGNIFIER1. Proper hearing leads to better communication.2. Hearing well leads to positive attitude towards life.3. Better sound produces better music and video experience.4. Hearing using Bluetooth connection lets you put your phone away.5. Better hearing lowers stress levels.6. Hearing well makes you confident.7. Enhanced hearing lets you grab opportunities and makes you successful.8. Better hearing gives the right orientation.9. Amplified sound lets you detect danger and understand speech.10. Enjoy natural sounds like birds chirping or leaves rustling.11. Restore normal hearing levels to help eradicate hearing loss.FEATURES OF SUPER HEARING SOUND MAGNIFIER1. High-Quality Sound Feedback2. Echo Cancellation3. Noise Suppression4. Sound Recorder5. Loudness Enhancement6. Bass Booster7. Save Configurations8. Regular UpdatesDisclaimer: Super Hearing Sound Magnifier is not a replacement for medical hearing aids, so always use your medical hearing aid. Consult your audiologist if you’re experiencing hearing loss.

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