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从政治,经济和商业,社会,文化和艺术领域获取有关中国和世界的最新新闻和报道,以及来自世界上最受欢迎的中文新闻的视频,音频和视频报道以及科学技术新闻代理商(英国广播公司的中文版)在发布后立即在页面上显示。毫无疑问(BBC中文)是最吸引人的新闻网络之一,尤其是对于全球华语使用者而言,随着社会的迅速发展和人们闲暇时间的限制,使用此软件,您将瞥见世界和中国(甚至在中国)的最新事件该软件还包含来自中国城市(北京,上海,香港,广州,台北,澳门,拉萨)的新闻。您的意见和建议对我们很重要,因此请让我们知道您对改善上述软件性能的任何意见和建议,以便在可能的情况下将其应用于下一版本。Get the latest news and reports about China and the world in the fields of politics, economics and business, society, culture and art, as well as video, audio and video reports, and science and technology news from the world's most popular Chinese language news agency (Chinese language section of BBC) Have on a page immediately after publication.Undoubtedly (BBC Chinese) is one of the most attractive news networks especially for Chinese speakers in the world,With the rapid growth of societies and the limitation of people's free time, using this software, you will have a glimpse of the latest events in the world and China (even in China)This software also contains news from China cities (Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Guangzhou , Taipei, Macau, Lhasa).Your comments and suggestions are important to us, so let us know any comments and suggestions you have about improving the performance of the above software, so that they can be applied in the next version, if possible.The latest version of this app is version


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