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Name Pregnancy tracker
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Publish Date: 2021-11-23
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The description of Pregnancy tracker App

Pregnancy is a period of excitement but also a bit of nervousness. Pregnancy tracker week by week, due date calculator, contractions, kicks app will help you remain calm in any situation while you’re expecting. The unknown scares us and it is natural to feel worried when you don’t know what to expect from pregnancy: how the baby is developing, what’s going on in mom’s body, and what will change next week? Pregnancy tracker will be of great help and in layperson’s terms will tell what changes in baby’s and mother’s bodies for each week of pregnancy. Simply log pregnancy start date (the app will give you tips) and leave the rest to Pregnancy tracker: it will calculate your gestational age, start countdown to due date (EDD), will keep you informed on body changes and fetus development. After all the more you know the calmer you are. And mom’s calmness comes first.Moreover Pregnancy tracker can be used as a convenient diary and multifunctional tracker where you can log symptoms, mood, weight changes, add pictures and set reminders to make sure that all that matters the most is kept in one place and can be accessed from anywhere anytime. Pregnancy tracker is super easy-to-use and yet it contains all and everything you might need across pregnancy. Main advantages of Pregnancy tracker week by week, countdown app:- Important information simply put and with picturesWith Pregnancy tracker you will not have to dig through specific terms to understand what’s going on. We did all the work for you to make sure you don’t waste your time and effort. Each week the app will give you a simple and clear update on fetal development and changes in the mother's body.- Personal pregnancy calculatorYou will no longer need to memorize dates and calculate weeks. Pregnancy tracker will take this burden off your back and will make sure that every day you know exactly your period of pregnancy. You will know the exact day, week and trimester of pregnancy and you will also see how many days are left until your due date. – Symptoms diary for you and your doctorPregnancy tracker app will let you log your symptoms and add other important data on a daily basis: baby’s and mother’s weight, mood, well-being, basal temperature along with nutritional data, physical activity and so many more. You will no longer need to agonize over remembering something at a gynecologists’s appointment: all the information will be carefully kept in the app.- Kicks countDoctors recommend keeping track of fetal movements to be certain that everything is alright and to decrease anxiety. To make this process as easy and convenient for you as possible we added a kicks counter to the app: it is easy-to-use and on top of that it contains tips on how to do a kick count. – Contractions timerContractions timer is a very simple and literally indispensable tool for you to understand whether it’s really time for you to go to the hospital or you are having “false labor” pains (also known as Braxton Hicks contractions).- Smart notificationsPregnancy tracker app will remind you of your doctor’s appointments and questions you might have, with this app you will not forget to have all necessary medical exams, moreover the app will make sure that you don’t miss your medication if you were prescribed any by your doctor. – Share with significant othersOn a regular basis both across pregnancy and after the baby is born the app will create nice pictures with key information on you and your baby that you can easily share with your loved ones.We wish you a happy pregnancy and safe delivery!

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