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Name Good Notepad :Notes, Checklist
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Developer Abhijeet Bhagat
Publish Date: 2020-03-18
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The description of Good Notepad :Notes, Checklist App

Do you need a to-do list on your mobile to streamline and track your everyday activities and tasks? Now get the app Good notes Notepad, and get your color note notepad activated. Not only the digital notebook app will simplify your multitasking, it will increase you efficiency and ability to perform better and in an organized way. Life has hectic so is the responsibility and workload. We understand that you don’t want to miss any way the works assigned to you, be it in your personal life or it is in your professional domain. Setting only alarm reminder may not turn that effective and at time may not be feasible too. The app Good Notepad is an amicable solution to your task tracking: with this Good Notepad you will not miss anything. You can simply prioritize and arrange your to-do list by using customized color font option.How to use the app! Download the app Good Notepad and then start using the app as your virtual board. Add to-do list, highlight them with color and then prioritize them according to your own plan. The colornote arrangement of the list will help you to remember the urgency of the task you have to do on the specific day. You can select the coloured notes according to your personal plan. • This Good Notepad will help you in some advanced ways, which you can perform without writing even.• You can create voice to text command: update/create your to-do list without writing.• You can make video notes: you can share videos from any video application.• You can categorize your color notes and memo: categorize in work group and in daily group. It will help you in finding your notes faster than ever before.• You can add attractive background pictures to make your colored notes• You can add images to your coloured notes and memo pad,• You can add voice recording facility. You can record your voice and can leave voice clip as voice notes.Download the Good notepad, and start exploring its amazing features. App’s Features: Good Notepad has plenty of interesting features. Check the notepad features before you start using it. • User friendly interface,• Facility of sketchpad: you can draw a sketch on the memo pad,• The notebook offers three colorful themes: 3 colorful and minimal themes. • You can attach images to your private notes and daily work checklist.• You can lock your personal and private notes, keep your personal notes completely secured. • You can add reminder: it will help you in staying better organized. • Use can add timetable: it will help you in managing your tasks in time.• You can synchronize notes to cloud drive: if you change your mobile, you can retrieve your notes.• You can auto save the notes.Download the app Good Notepad and stay super organized! It’s super cool and completely user-friendly.Want to offer any feedback? Contact the developer at [email protected]

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