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The description of OnMic App

OnMic is a drop-in voice chat App for gamers to chat in voice & play games together. Gamers can create or join clubs of trending games to make friends.On OnMic, you can easily custom social game voice rooms to play online classic board games with new friends, like UNO, Werewolf (like Among Us, Wolvesville), Draw&Guess (like Pictionary, Draw it) and so on. Playing live games together while chatting in voice rooms Or you can start a trending games voice chat room to squad up with other gamers or clans randomly. You can adjust the game volume and teammates’ volume separately. OnMic is the best tool for a team to do games chat. In the new social scene created by OnMic, you can play multiplayer games with new friends, be the host of the clubhouse, or just listen to the discussion. You can share your conversation by talking in different voice rooms and gaming communities. Moreover, you can join various channels in gaming clubs. On OnMic, you’ll meet & connect with new people and expand your social network.There’re no ads and takes up less data usage as well. ⭐Reviews from users: ●What a great way to connect and talk to others! Never thought I would find my best friend in a gaming social app, there's no ads and very less data usage thanks OnMic! @LoveX●When I feel alone, I just open OnMic to play live games with a bunch of new friends and chat with them. That’s so amazing! I love the fact that I make so many gaming friends in here, and I can just jump into the gaming clubs, community, worlds anytime I want. @RunningZoey● You can chat about games or life, your strategy and tactics with other gamers and clans. OnMic perfectly took up my free time and satisfied my desire to speak with friends. @Bookaholic●The best part is that while I’m working I can listen to discussions and still get my work done. It’s really rare to have such a free and equal platform. @Triaveltoday?Advantages: 【Free online board games】Start a voice room and play board games developed by OnMic with friends. Enjoy party from home.【Meet like-minded new friends】Play online board games, follow your interested topics or gaming clubs, and make friends with people who have similar interests.【High-quality in-game voice chat】Adjust the game voice and gamers' voice separately. Smooth chat experience with no delay.【Improve social relationships】Based on big data computing technology, OnMic recommends new friends according to your interests to help you expand your social network.?Features: 【Games Community】Various gaming communities, Mobile Legends, Call of Duty, Among Us, Roblox, PUBG, FreeFire, Minecraft, Genshin Impact as long as you are here, you can always find players to team up anytime you want, and share tricks or casual chat in our voice room with other gamers and clans. 【Voice-driven】Besides voice communication is available in the room, and other communication methods such as texts, pictures, and videos are also supported, giving you a brand new social media experience. There’re no ads, very less data usage.【Real-time communication with real people】Real-time voice conversations helps regain the fun of communicating with real gamers on social media.【Speak freely and easily】OnMic does not support any method of recording voice, it disappears immediately after speaking, making speech free and easy.?Functions: 【Create gaming chat room】Everyone can start a gaming chat room in OnMic. The room supports both private and public modes.【Raise your hand to speak】Find gaming types or topics in the Hall and join your interesting games or rooms. You can listen to the discussions or raise the hand to speak.【Private chat and group chat】Send messages to new friends or start a group chat and chat with a bunch of friends.If you have any problem, please send an email to us: [email protected]

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