Streets of Rage 4 MOD APK (Unlimited Lives)

MOD Features: Unlimited Lives & Infinite Health
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23 Sept 2022
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Become not one of the best but the best fighter in the game with our Streets of Rage 4 MOD APK. Get Unlimited Lives and Infinite Health to help you out!

Streets of Rage 4 Mod Apk Information:

App NameStreets of Rage 4 Mod Apk
Unlimited Lives & Infinite Health
Root Required?No

About the Game

Streets of Rage 4 is a highly action-packed game. This unique game has an immense thrill to it from the start and leaves you with a great sense of satisfaction.

Streets of Rage 4 Mod Apk is a mobile-based game app that has been smartly designed with a highly action-packed game and great graphics. This game is actually a sequel and has been launched 25 years later than the last episode.

Game Features

The game has been carefully redesigned which is compatible with mobile phones. The revamped interface and the game’s center achievements are fully compatible with MFicontrollers. And there are no micro-transactions to it as well.

Streets of Rage 4 Mod Apk takes ahead the legacy of streets of rage in its retro. Beat them up as you punch in your way once again through the streets of rage. It has graphics inspired by hand-drawn comics. And it also comes having updated mechanics.

The added bonus is being able to listen to a completely new Electro OST with world-class musicians. Olivier Derivière is one and of course, Yuzo Koshiro, who is an absolute legend.

Streets of Rage 4 makes the gaming experience very interesting this time as it starts off having four characters Axel and Blaze being veterans and Cherry and Floyd, the new inclusions. What’s more exciting is that it shall never let you have a moment of feeling bored.

Apart from being a highly action-packed game, each character in it has a unique strategy to attack. It might leave you surprised. And in addition to it, the creative animations give this game a different feel, elevating its level much higher this time.

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Players Reviews
  • Amazing port of the classic game. Plays really well on my Google pixel pro 6. Touch controls seem ok but just hook a controller and it plays like a dream. I have a moga XPS-X Plus controller and it’s wonderful. Well done to the Devs!
  • Game runs flawlessly on my Poco F3. I dig all the video settings and it seems like the whole game has been ported, which is fantastic! I would like some more accessibility options, though. Such as, transparency options for the joystick and bottons. Anyway, keep up the good work, you guys!


In this rediscovered version of the classic Beat them up, Streets of Rage 4 with its new flight of mechanics introduces graphics that are inspired by hand-drawn retro comics. Here behind the wonder boy artistic direction by the studio, it has the servings of a dragon’s trap with vivid FX and juicy animations.

You have got to unlock up to 5 new and emblematic characters which are playable and fight your way across the 12 different stages so that you are successful in bringing back the order into the streets.  

You got to challenge yourself across the various modes of story, training, and the arcade. You shall choose the SoR1 & 2 OST or get into the secret retro levels, enabling the retro pixel graphics and 13 alternative retro characters.

In Streets of Rage 4 Mod Apk, there are 12 unlockable retro characters and variants of heroes. And the challenge the makes of the game smartly puts is that the whole cast gets unlocked gradually. Only after you play a huge lot of streets of rage and score enough points.

The score you make in each level is added to the lifetime total you earned in a game. In fact, at some point as you keep achieving milestones along with the game, you also start getting character unlocks as well.

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Unlimited Lives

Lives are crucial in the Streets of Rage 4 game. You don’t have to be the best because if you have multiple lives you’ve got multiple chances as well. Therefore, we know you’d like as many lives as possible so you never have to wait for hours to get 1 more life.

Download our Streets of Rage 4 mod apk and you will see the lives bar filled to the maximum and will never run out of them. Get Unlimited Lives now for free!

Infinite Health

Infinite health is one of the best ways to stay alive in Streets of Rage 4. Here’s how to get it:

1. Download and install the Health Mod from the download button.

2. Start the game and go to the Options menu.

3. Under the “Mods” tab, enable the “Health Mod” option.

4. Enjoy infinite health with the Streets of Rage 4 Mod Apk!


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