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OUR MISSION: NO EMISSION?TIER is reinventing how we travel within our cities by offering shared electric micro-mobility options as an alternative to traditional forms of urban transport. Take a TIER electric scooter and choose a sustainable and emission-free way to get around.Our safe and affordable scooters, bikes, and mopeds are fully electric and climate-neutral, allowing you to contribute towards a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable city – all while having fun along the way. WHY OWN A CAR WHEN YOU CAN OWN THE STREETSTIER scooters are conveniently placed in your city to make traveling from A to B hassle-free. Simply rent a TIER e-scooter near you on the map, scan the QR code and go!Why take a TIER?? No CO2 emissions with TIER e-scooters? Find parking easily? Beat the traffic⏱ Save time? Explore new cities? Rent to live a get-up-and-go lifestyle? Ride e-scooters with friends? Commute with e-scooters to and from work? Renting = Sharing is caringTo rent rather than to buy is how we take back our cities, and TIER mobility is here to help. Download the app, sign up, and start sharing scooters in seconds. Here’s how to use the TIER appUSING THE TIER APPTIER electric scooters, bikes and mopeds give you the freedom to explore your city and to get where you need to be in a smart, safe, and sustainable way. Simply open the app and rent a ride with a few simple steps.HOW TO START A TIER E-SCOOTER & GET GOING✅ Download the TIER app, sign up, and add your preferred payment method✅ Find a TIER scooter near you on the map✅ Scan the QR code on the scooter to unlock it and start a ride✅ Push the e-scooter forward to flick the kickstand back✅ Put one foot on the board and push off with the other✅ Push down the throttle to gain speed✅ Let go of the throttle or use the brakes to slow down.✅ Surf your city and enjoy the ride!HOW TO END YOUR RIDE✅ Find a safe place to park the scooter and flick the kickstand down✅ Open the TIER app and tap 'End Ride'✅ Get out there and live your best life!APP FEATURESThe TIER mobile app is truly mobile. A sleek design and easy-to-use interface allow you to make the most of your smartphone as a tool for fast and efficient mobility.✔️ NAVIGATE nearby electric vehicles✔️ SCAN the QR code on a scooter to unlock it✔️ RING a scooter if you are having trouble finding it✔️ VERIFY your license to use e-mopeds (not required for e-scooter use)✔️ STORE minutes and unlocks in your wallet✔️ REDEEM free rides with a discount voucher or promo code✔️ REFER friends for free minutes✔️ SAVE money with our deals in the shop?RIDE MORE FOR LESS WITH OFFERS IN OUR SHOP?Save money with our monthly or daily passes. When you’re on the go, it’s better to pay a flat rate and get the most out of your usage!• RIDER PLUS skip the unlock fee on every ride + 300 minutes!• MONTHLY UNLOCKS no unlock fees. Pay only for minutes. • DAY PASS enjoy up to 45 minutes during each ride for free + no unlock feesTAKE A TIER AND JOIN THE REVOLUTION AGAINST POLLUTION ? ?TIER gives you access to sustainable urban travel. With our fleet of shared electric scooters in 100+ cities worldwide, TIER is on a mission to change mobility for good. So whether you're headed to work, class, or just around the block, let TIER get you to where you’re going on our scooters, bikes or mopeds.

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