Vegas Crime Simulator (Unlimited Money) MOD APK

Get Unlimited Money & Unlimited Diamonds with this Mod
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14 July 2023
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MOD Features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Anti-ban system
  • No need to root your device


Have fun playing Vegas Crime Simulator MOD APK. Download it for free from our website. Get Unlimited Money and Unlimited Diamonds on your game account.

App NameVegas Crime Simulator Mod Apk
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money & Unlimited Diamonds
Root Required?No

Unlimited Money

Money is the main currency used in the open world of Vegas Crime Simulator. Money can be acquired by completing missions, killing people, destroying property, or through cash pickups scattered around the map.

The easiest way to get unlimited money is by using a mod, like this Vegas Crime Simulator Mod Apk you can download from our website.

You can use them to purchase new weapons, vehicle upgrades, health boosts, and armor. Money can also be used to upgrade your character’s stats and abilities.

Finally, money can be used to purchase items that can provide special bonuses such as Increased Car Speed, Stealth Mode, or Improved Weapon Damage.

About the game

Playing games is the best thing that happens to a person, isn’t it? If this is what you feel then you must be someone always having an eye for the new fascinating games in the market to add to the thrill and make you have enormous fun.

If you are looking for unlimited fun and thrill overloaded at one destination, you must directly go and play Vegas Crime Simulator mod apk. Download the mod .apk file from our website for Unlimited Money and Unlimited Diamonds.

Your love for shooting and exploring would be given justice here in the large open 3D world amidst exemplary 3D graphics to leave you thrilled. The game is equipped with all the necessary features which are fit for this genre to make you have the time in life by doing whatever you like in this 3D shooting world.

In addition to this, the game which offers gangster confrontation has a store of contrasts to offer its players. Along with fun game mechanics, you get to play interesting tasks and fight with your enemies at various stages in the game.

To capture your interest, the game offers a plethora of options which include an airplane with an airfield, a military base with a tank, a platform for performing tricks on motorcycles and cars, robot transformers, and a spaceship. Get Unlimited Coins and Unlimited Keys with Gangstar Vegas MOD.


In this game, you can enter into the gangster world of Vegas and entitle yourself to a glorious victory. You would have fun since this world is extremely dangerous with the anthems of the place being lawlessness and injustice imbibed in every man of the place.

You can decide the side you want your hero to take. Get Unlimited Diamonds with the latest Vegas Crime Simulator mod apk.

You can impersonate a bad person or a good person but whatever you choose, you must see that you are playing safe since the stone jungles here do not let go of mistakes all too soon. You get a wonderful opportunity to try your hand at a third-person gangster simulator.

In Vegas Crime Simulator, the hero that you have created will have to lead his life from the very bottom and gradually incline towards the top facing a plethora of challenges and difficulties. Winning different quests would make you become popular and known in the city around.

To go ahead, it is a must that you fight with criminals and steal cars which would be great fun of course. Download the latest version of Vegas Crime Simulator MOD APK directly from our website.

The game permits you to create your own character and style your hero as well. The game has a clothing store where you can make your hero look stylish.

The way you want your hero to look is absolutely up to your creative skills and your desire. Along with clothing the hero, you can also make him powerful and equip him with things such as strength, endurance, possession of various weapons, driving vehicles, and accuracy.

Game Features

In the game, there is a store of superhero items that can help you add special skills to your hero so as to excel in the game as well as all its quests to get to the top at the earliest. These unique attributes have been listed below:

  1. Magic Rope: With the magic rope in possession you would be able to move around the city really quickly and that too like a hero. At the same time, with the usage of this rope, you can also ensure safety by getting into secure places such as a police station or a military base. You can also make use of the rope to attract enemies as well as objects and always have the upper hand.
  2. Flight Mode: Your aspirations to fight like a superhero can come to an end with this flight mode with which you can fly like a hero.
  3. Landing: You can land anywhere with whatever weight without any chance of falling or being injured with this feature with you.
  4. Super landing: With this, you can land and cause havoc for all your enemies
  5. Superkick: Having this feature, your hero would become extraordinarily powerful to be able to kick objects as well the enemies with huge force. You can now kick anything and everything you want including the environment items, cars, or simply give a tough time to your enemies.
  6. Climbing walls: Bing equipped with this feature, you would then be able to move on vertical surfaces as well including walls and buildings making you all the more powerful.
  7. Robot Skin: With this feature, the hero would be able to transform into a robot helping you increase the stamina, life as well as armor of your hero. Your hero would then become invincible while confronting enemies.
  8. Superhero skin: With this on you, you can become a superhero in all the attributes you can imagine. This costume would give the hero a lot of additional capabilities such as jumping and flying, however, you must not forget your real goals in the gangster world.

Along with all these excellent features in the game, Vegas Crime Simulator Mod Apk also has a car store where you can take any transport for yourself you deem fit and worthy.

You can opt for sports cars which help you look cool, or you can go for SUV cars which would make the whole thing safer for you.

Lastly, there is also an option of choosing motorcycles for you from the store or other superhero cars for speed as well as strength.

Download MOD APK

All these extraordinary, as well as unique features of Vegas Crime Simulator MOD APK, make it stand out and guarantee you a wonderful time playing it.

All the shooting and superhero desires that you have catered to you for long will finally be able to meet the practical life here. Once you start playing this game, it would be impossible to resist due to the amazing experience you would have here.

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