100 Years Life Simulator MOD APK (Unlimited Gems)
MOD Features: Unlimited Gems, No Ads
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31 Oct 2022
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100 Years Life Simulator MOD APK Features

  • Unlimited Gems
  • No Ads
  • Free to download
  • Totally Safe
  • Compatible with all Android versions
  • 100 Years Life Simulator Mod APK file is very easy to install
  • Autoupdate
  • No need to root your Android device!


100 Years Life Simulator is a fascinating simulation game with millions of downloads on the Google play store. This game is a unique one that is based on living different stages of life to the fullest. If you particularly like to simulate or like simulation games, then this game is for you. 

There are several stages of life development from childhood to adolescence to adulthood and old age as you all know and one must pass through a stage and get it right before moving to another even in the face of several problems and challenges. 

So, 100 Years Life Simulator is a game that allows you to live life up to 100 years of age starting from age 0. Then from age 0, you’ll grow, do life activities, attend school, grow to the adolescent stage, be involved in social activities, make friends, grow to the adult stage, and so on. 

While at a different stage of the game, you’ll need to make a life decision that might be challenging. The decision you make will determine if you’ll grow to the next age or not. 

This is the most interesting part of the game as you get to make only the best and wisest decisions for you to live up to 100 years. However, you can learn and readjust when you make mistakes in the decisions you make.

What is 100 Years Life Simulator Mod Apk?

This game is best for simulation game lovers. Just like in real-life situations, if you choose the right life path, you’ll live the best, happy, and most successful life.

It also applies to this game as you’ve got 100 years to walk through the right path, making the best decision and living through years till you age too. Whatever decision you make while playing the game will have an impact that you’ll have to face. 

100 Years Life Simulator Mod apk is still one of the best games as it’ll allow you to develop problem-solving and decision-making skills. It can be played by children of age, adolescents, and adults. 

The mod apk version is a modified version of the 100 Years Life Simulator game. With the mod apk version, you can enjoy all the unlimited premium features of the official 100 Years Life Simulator and you don’t have to purchase in-app or bother about ads.

Features of 100 Years Life Simulator Mod Apk

This modified version has some amazing features that cannot be gotten with the official 100 Years Life Simulator app. Below are the features:

Cost Free

You do not need to spend at all to download or unlock all the premium features of this app. All you have to do is to download, install and enjoy the game. 

Even when you complete a stage of the game and you are about to move to the next, you do not have to spend to do that. Unlocking premium features is also free.

Straightforward and Simple Interface to use

The interface and sections of the app are straightforward to use. When you download for the first time, you do not need anyone to guide you before you start playing. 

The app itself will show you through some simple step guide and boom, you are already in the first stage of the game. 

Beautiful Graphics

100 Years Life Simulator mod apk features some appealing and beautiful 3D graphics that makes gaming unique and more fun. You will even enjoy the control and designs depending on the stage you are in the game.

No ads

Experiencing ads display while using an app can be frustrating while playing games because this interferes with your gaming. Unlike the official game downloaded on Play Store or App Store, this mod apk version is free from ads and you can easily navigate through the app without ads loading.

Unlimited Gems

With this app, you have unlimited gems and you won’t have to buy gems as they are unlimited, unlike the official app. You already have all the gems unlocked. All you have to do is to enjoy your gaming 

How to download 100 Years Life Simulator MOD APK

To download and install the 100 Years Life Simulator Mod apk, you’ll need to follow the steps below

  • First, download the 100 Years Life Simulator Mod Apk file
  • Then go to your file manager and check Downloads. This file should be in downloads if it was downloaded.
  • Check your phone settings if you’ve enabled the “install from an unknown source” feature. Do this if you have not.
  • Click on the downloaded file for it to start installing. 

After a few seconds, the app should be already installed and ready for use. Check your home screen and start enjoying the game.

Benefits of installing the 100 Years Life Simulator Mod Apk

Apart from the fact that you’ll be enjoying premium features without a dime, the app is all-inclusive because it allows you to learn and deal with several interesting challenges. You will not only be having fun with the app but you’ll learn ways to solve problems and overcome issues. 

This would be specifically great for teenagers that need to learn problem-solving skills. And they can easily learn and relearn ways to make the best and wise decisions in the process of having fun.


To avoid all of the irrelevant ads while enjoying this game, it is best to install the 100 Years Life Simulator mod apk. The main version of it contains many ads that’ll stress you out while gaming. 

And even beyond that, you’ll need to spend money to upgrade to premium versions and to purchase coins while gaming. 


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