Age of Evolution

Experience the captivating world of Age of Evolution, a unique blend of strategy and tower defense gameplay.
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18 May, 2024
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Age of Evolution is a captivating game, that will take you back in time, and then forward into the future! You will transition from the Stone Age to the era of Information Age.

In Age of Evolution you will have a heavy responsibility to guide a society, evoluating from primitive tools to sophisticated ones, like new age gadgets. Build your civilization, grow an army to defend it from external threats, and guide your people to a great future. 

SLG and Tower Defense Gameplay

In Age of Evolution, you’ll find that the gameplay is an intriguing combination of strategy (SLG) and tower defense mechanics. This unique blending will allow you to make your strategies, placing the best-suited troops in battles and also managing your civilization. So, it is a perfect balance between offline and real-team playing.

The tower defense aspect of the gameplay comes into play during battles, and you’ll have to place your troops in a strategical way to defend yourself from your enemies. You need to plan, adapt, and overcome challenges, by placing the right commanders at the right time, in order to ensure your wins.

You’ll also have to pay attention, as each commander has its own unique skills. So, the tower defense aspect in Age of Evolution adds an extra layer of strategy beyond regular SLG games, bringing a fresh and diverse engagement.

Dynamic Characters and Interactive System

You will encounter various dynamic characters in Age of Evolution, that will play a significant role in your civilization’s progression. These commanders are from different eras and countries, being equipped with unique skills specialties, and stories.

Along with these dynamic characters, Age of Evolution has also an interactive system, ranging from interacting with your commanders to interactions with other real players in the alliance system. So, you will never be alone, as you will always have a companion by your side.

Improved Graphics and Realistic Environments

Age of Evolution features impressive graphics and realistic environments, from the rough terrains of the Stone Age to the advanced architecture of the Information Age. The game does a great job creating great scenarios that are visually appealing, and that will immerse you in the unique time settings of the game.

Moreover, the game features stunning day-to-night transitions that occur in real time, and the cities you build to adapt to these weather changes. There is also great attention to detail, making everything look very real, and providing a captivating visual experience that will take you straight into the heart of your civilization.

Building and Heroes

Diving into the complex world of Age of Evolution might seem a little bit intimidating at the beginning. That’s why is always better to read a guide before, to familiarize yourself with the game’s mechanics.

Your first role as a player is to construct and upgrade buildings. These buildings are crucial, as they will boost your economy and strengthen your military. 

Each game chapter comes with specific missions; completing these will speed up the progress of your civilization and unlock new features in the game. Another important aspect of the game is summoning heroes. You can do this by constructing an altar. Once you have summoned the heroes, you can use them to battle alongside your units. 

As you progress through the game, make sure to increase your military strength by training more soldiers of different types. You can also join alliances, leveling up your commanders, so you have better strategies in winning your battles.

Battles and strategies

Also, always remember to heal your wounded soldiers in battles, and stay focused on evolving from the Stone Age to the next one, and so on. You should have an established strategy, identifying the right type of troop you need to deploy in each battle. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each troop type against the others is definitely the key to winning every battle.

So, as a beginner, you should focus on building a sustainable civilization, while participating in combats and forming alliances with other players. Also, should pay attention to your commanders by leveling them up regularly, healing your troops in battles, and strategically deploying them based on their strength, so that you can ensure your success in the Age of Evolution journey.

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With its detailed graphics, dynamic characters, interactive system, and various strategies, Age of Evolution promises an engaging experience that leaves you wanting to explore more.

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