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MOD Features: Unlimited Kill. Unlimited Cosmetics, Free Skins, Free Hats & Free Pets. Always Imposter
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Play this very fun game with our Among Us MOD APK (Always Imposter). It is a nice way to pass time if you are alone and getting bored. Get features such as Unlimited Kill, Unlimited Cosmetics, Free Skins, Free Hats, Free Pets, and Always Impostor with our mod .apk file.

Among Us Mod Apk File Information:

Among Us download apk

App NameAmong Us Mod Apk
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Kill. Unlimited Cosmetics, Free Skins, Free Hats & Free Pets. Always Imposter
Root Required?No

Among Us Mod Features:

  • Unlimited Cosmetics
  • Unlimited Kill
  • Always Impostor
  • Easy to install and to use
  • Free to download
  • Among Us Mod APK working on all Android versions
  • Anti-ban system
  • No need to root your device


Unlimited Cosmetics

Pets, Hats, and Skins represent Cosmetics in the game. These Cosmetics are used for customizing characters. Put the hats on your head, skins on your body, and get pets to follow you on your path. In order to get the hats, you like you must pay real money like $0.99 and $2.99 in the main menu store.

With our Among Us MOD APK, you will get Unlimited Cosmetics. Choose from a variety of pets, hats, and skins. Colorblind the other players do not recognize you.


Always Impostor

Impostor is the 50/50 chance role to get in the game. With Impostor’s role, your goal is to kill most of the Crewmates to have an equal number of Impostors and Crewmates to succeed. The Crewmates must no longer have a voting majority to lose, so that’s what you should aim for. Instead of waiting for the game to randomly assign you The Impostor role, you can download our Among Us MOD APK to always be Impostor.

About the game

Among Us is a multi-player game, that can be played by a maximum of 10 people and a minimum of 4 people. You can either play with your friends by sharing the game code or you can play with other players on the net. This game is about a few astronauts who are inside a spaceship with 10 other participants known as “crewmates”.

They must complete the allotted task each crewmate has to win the game. The plot twist here is that, within these 10 participants, there will be 1-3 “impostors” whose main agenda will be to kill you. They will fake tasks, as their main task is to kill or “sabotage” your game so that they can win the game.

You also have a “meeting room “where you can chat and discuss who you think the imposter is and kick them out of the spacecraft.

If you make the right guess, then you get a brownie point as one of the impostors is dead, meaning lesser people who will be behind your lives. But, in case if you kick one of your own members out, it will mean more trouble for you as there still are 1 – 3 impostors and you need to finish your task before they come and get you.

Also, Unlimited Gems can be added to your account by playing with Clash of Clans MOD for Android.


The setting of Among Us is of an aircraft. There will be 10 players named as crewmates in this aircraft and you will all have a certain number of tasks to complete. Only when all the members complete these tasks do you the crewmates win.

But to make their lives difficult there are imposters, who will pretend to be your friends so that they can look for the right moment, and as soon as they see that no one is looking they will attack and kill you.

  • Impostor:

The job of these impostors is to kill the crewmates and to sabotage their mission so that can gain victory. Impostors have certain privileges like the ability to “vent” and to “sabotage”. Download Among Us mod Apk for Always Impostor.

  • Vent:

Vent means that they can use the various vents and teleport themselves from the underground where they won’t be seen. It is basically the “anywhere door” of the gaming field. Using the vent option an impostor can kill any crewmember and hide in the vents until either someone comes and reports the body and the discussion start or until he sees an empty room where he can vent out of and pretend to be working.

  • Sabotage:

The impostors also have an option to sabotage the mission by either switching off the electricity of the aircraft so that they can enjoy a bit of independence and kill a bit openly. Also, they can cause wiring problems so that the aircraft starts to act up and starts sending red signals on everyone’s phones. Get the Among Us mod apk for free with all the features below.

Among Us mod apk

These red signals mean situations of emergency as a decrease in Oxygen, loose wiring, etc. If these problems do not get fixed properly then they lead to the death of all the crewmates losing and making the impostors win.

  • Kill:

While others will be performing their tasks, the impostors will be in the look of pray. Unlike that of the crewmates, their main task is to kill you i.e., the crewmates. They look for opportunities to reduce the number of crewmates either by killing you or by convincing the others that they are the impostors and kicking them out of the game.

  • Crewmates:

Crewmates are the astronauts who will be religiously performing various tasks in the spaceship to win the game. They must look after each other and notice if they see anyone who is not doing their tasks or roaming freely so that they can raise their suspicion about a particular crewmate so that the remaining crewmates lookout and do not get themselves killed.

There is a lot of burden on the crewmates. As they are responsible for completing the tasks, looking out for their lives, reporting the dead bodies, and also proving themselves innocent which is a very interesting part of the game.

Game Features

  • Play with friends and online:

Among us lets the users play with their friends by sharing the code of the game as well as other fellow gamers who are online and are getting bored similar to you. There is also a discussion box where you can put blame on each other and save yourself from being eliminated.

If you are playing this with friends, you can also connect on call and talk as well as discuss. This will make the game even more interesting and will ease your mood and will fill the room with laughter as you know one amongst you is the snake!

However, if you are playing online it is still going to every fun as you have no idea who the person in front of you is. You can randomly blame anyone ad convince others. If you are a crewmate, you will get an opportunity to find a culprit that you have known idea who is from where he is.

  • Customization:

You can change the name of your player to something new and different every time you play a new game. It does not have to be interconnected to anything or anyone. It is absolutely about what you feel like being in that game.

You can also customize your outfit and your color by playing this game. It also has a very wide and funky collection of headgears to choose from.

  • Being the best ghosts:

After an impostor kills a crewmate, he becomes a ghost and can cross any barrier, any wall, and even the players. They have a chance to see who the impostors are without being worried that they will see you as no one apart from the other ghosts can see.

You can be a ghost and complete the tasks to help your crewmates win. So, download Among Us mod APK by clicking on the “DOWNLOAD MOD APK” button below.

Among Us always impostor


Is there a MOD for Among Us game?

The answer is YES. You can find it on our website. Among Us MOD APK is free to download, totally safe and no risk implied.

What features does Among Us MOD APK has?

It has Unlimited Kill, Unlimited Cosmetics, and Always Impostor features. You can avail of these features by downloading our mod for free.

Is it safe to download Among Us Mod Apk?

We can assure you it is 100% safe to download our mod .apk file. It is virus-free and it won’t harm your Android device by any kind.

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