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Unlock All Characters and Remove Ads with this Mod
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30 Sep 2023
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MOD Features

  • Unlock All Characters


Animash Mod APK is a unique AI-powered game that lets you fuse two animals with different characteristics to create a new hybrid animal or character. It is a game that tests your imagination and helps you create something unique. 

The game presents you with two different animals and various elements to fuse. You can use these animals and various elements to create a unique animal that will blow your mind. 

The AI system of the game is unique and complex and guaranteed to provide you with the most authentic results. It uses an advanced infusion technique powered by artificial intelligence to ensure incredible results. 

Moreover, a detailed description of each animal and its characteristics are given, ensuring you have a vivid understanding of each animal and its abilities. 

The graphics of Animash are simple and minimal. It ensures you can navigate through its features and functionalities easily. It will help you understand the game’s mechanics and help create awesome animals.  

Unlock All Characters 

As Animash Mod APK is all about creating new characters from the mom and dad characters, it’s important to progress in the game to unlock new mom and dad characters. 

Thankfully, all the mom and dad characters come unlocked in Animash Mod. 

Normally, you would have to pay to unlock new characters or patiently wait a long time while playing to unlock rare characters. However, it is not the case in Animash Mod Apk, where you can unlock all characters for free. 

No Ads

One of the problems most gamers have with mobile games these days is the tons of ads that interfere with the gameplay. However, Animash Mod APK has no annoying ads and allows users to play in an ad-free environment. 

Frequent ads make it difficult for gamers to concentrate on their game and break their rhythm. It is also annoying to endure unwanted ads every few minutes. So download and install Animash Mod APK to enjoy an ad-free and entertaining gaming experience. 

Players Reviews
  • It’s great for those looking for a unique gaming experience without the frustration of too many ads.
  • This mod is great, as I unlocked a lot of animals. It is much funnier to play using this mod. Great job.

 Animash Mod APK – Detailed Progression 

The game has very simple yet captivating mechanics that will keep you glued to the game for long hours. Let us go through the breakthrough of its game. 

Pick a Dad 

As you open the game, you’ll be presented with options for various animals and even plant-based products. Here, you need to choose a dad for the following fusion process. 

Click NEXT after you’ve selected the Dad for the fusion process. Make sure you choose carefully, as what you choose decides the outcome of the fusion in Animash. 

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Pick a Mom 

Once you’ve selected Dad, the next step is to select a Mom for the fusion process. The Mom you choose needs to be compatible with the Dad. Don’t worry; the game will show you only the compatible Moms for the process, along with the details and abilities of each Mom. 

The Mom and Dad you choose to decide the outcome and the quality of the final product. 


The fun part of Animash is when the Mom and Dad characters fuse to create a brand-new character. The process can take some time, but it is fun to watch the process. 

Rating & Rewards

A rating is given to the final character after the fusion, depending on how unique it is and its statistics. The rareness and its stats decide the rating and the amount of rewards you get. 

Your creativity is rewarded handsomely, and the rewards you get help with unlocking new characters to fuse. 

Save Your Character 

Once the rating process is complete, the new creation can be saved in the game. It allows you to access your creations from the main menu whenever you want without any hassles. 

With time, more and more mom and dad characters are unlocked, which helps you create more unique characters with fusion. 

Unique Creatures 

Every character or animal you create with fusion has its own set of strengths and weaknesses. The character’s stats depend on its duration, lifespan, attack skills, moves, and other abilities. 

You need to predict how the fusion of the mom and dad characters will create a character with the special abilities you want. 

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