Ark of War (MOD – Unlimited Gold)

Play the game with Unlimited Gold & Unlock All Heroes
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24 July 2023
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Ark of War MOD APK Features

  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlock All Heroes
  • No need to Root your Android device


Are you an avid player of Ark of War, enthralled by its thrilling space battles and strategic conquests, but find yourself frustrated with the limitations imposed by scarce resources and locked features? If so, you’re not alone.

Many players encounter this predicament while navigating the vast cosmos of the original Ark of War game. But don’t worry! There is a fix that will completely alter how you play Ark of War.

Introducing the Ark of War Mod Apk – the ultimate answer to your Ark of War gaming features limitations problems. We will discuss its numerous features, and how to download and install it. 

Let’s explore the delights that the modded Ark of War game has to offer.

Ark of War Mod Apk
Unlimited Gold, Unlock All Heroes
Root Required?No

Ark of War Mod Apk Features

Unlimited Gold

Infinite in-game resources, such as gold, are one of the standout aspects of the customized copy of the Ark of War game.

You no longer need to worry about gold shortages and can freely use the unlimited gold available in the game to build and upgrade your warships and progress rapidly. 

Unlock All Heroes

Another fantastic feature of Ark of War Mod Apk is that all heroes are unlocked by default in the game.

This modified version grants access to premium features, such as heroes and warships, which are typically only available in the original version via in-app payments. All the game heroes will be unlocked as soon as you download and install this Ark of War Mod.

Overview of Ark of War: Conquer the Galactic Frontiers

Ark of War is a gripping mobile strategy game that thrusts gamers into an intergalactic battlefield where mighty warships clash, and empires rise and fall.

Developed by Seven Pirates and released on March 27, 2016, this free-to-play game has captivated millions of players worldwide with its engaging gameplay and immersive universe. 

In Ark of War, you will play as the Commander and must lead your fleet to explore uncharted spaces, conquer planets, and build a formidable empire. Fate/Grand Order is also a cool game you can try.

Galactic Warfare

Engage in epic space battles in the Ark of War Mod Apk game and conquer different planets as you expand your dominion across the galaxy. Build a formidable fleet of warships and lead your forces to victory.

Base Building

Construct and upgrade your empire base to establish a powerful stronghold. Develop various structures, including resource buildings, defensive turrets, and research facilities to strengthen your empire.

Alliance Warfare

In this modded version of the Ark of War game, you can join or create alliances with other players in the game to form a powerful network of allies. Cooperate in massive alliance wars, trade resources, and support each other during battles.

Legendary Warships Commander Recruitment

You can recruit legendary commanders with unique skills and abilities to lead your forces into battle in the Ark of War Mod Apk game. Each commander brings a strategic advantage and adds depth to the overall gameplay.

Research and Technology

This modded version of Ark of War allows you to unlock advanced technologies through research to gain access to powerful upgrades for your fleet, weapons, and defenses. Stay ahead of your enemies by constantly improving your technology.

Special Events and Challenges

Participate in various in-game events and challenges to earn valuable rewards in the Mod Apk version of the Ark of War game. There is constantly fascinating activity taking place in the game, from daily quests to big events.

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Time Travel

Experience different historical periods by traveling through time in the game. Encounter ancient civilizations, unlock secrets, and overcome challenges specific to each era.

Personalized Avatar

Develop a distinctive character that symbolizes you in the Ark of War Mod Apk world by selecting from a variety of avatar features.

PvP and PvE Battles

PvP and PvE game options are both available in the Ark of War Mod Apk game. Test your strategic skills against real players or face challenging AI opponents for rewards.

How to Download and Install Ark of War Mod Apk

If you decide to play the modded version of Ark of War, it’s vital to follow these steps to ensure a smooth installation process:

  • Click the download button

Click the download button at the end of this page to start downloading the mod.

  • Turn on “Install Unknown Apps”

Before installing the game, allow the “Install Unknown Apps” permission in your device settings to allow app installation from third-party platforms.

  • Install the Mod Apk file

Once the file is verified to be free from viruses, proceed to the “Downloads” folder in your file manager. Tap on the app’s icon to install it and get started with the game immediately.


Download MOD APK

Ark of War Mod Apk game offers an exhilarating space-faring experience, combining strategic depth, fierce battles, and a vast universe to explore.

Whether you prefer action-packed conquests or using commanders to grow an empire, this game caters to a diverse range of players seeking galactic supremacy.

Download Ark of War Mod Apk today and unleash your command on the galactic frontiers!

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