Is Mobile Legends banned in India?

Is Mobile Legends banned in India? This question has been raised by many Indian gamers as the telecom operators in India such as Airtel and Jio have blocked access to Mobile Legends. Now, some may ask why this is done? Why was Mobile Legends banned in India? As we know that it wasn’t banned at all; we couldn’t find a government official statement on that matter. No, there is no official statement. But rumors say the game was banned in some areas of India due to religious reasons.

Mobile Legends (ML) is a multiplayer online battle arena game developed and published by Moonton for mobile devices (both Android and iOS), which currently holds more than 150 million players around the world. The game features 5 vs 5 MOBA gameplay similar to the popular titles like DOTA2 or LOL. It does not follow the traditional freemium model where you have to pay real money for getting better champions/characters from a paid store instead it allows gamers to unlock everything just by playing various modes in Mobile Legends. In simple terms, ML has been designed with respect for every player who plays this game.

Religious reasons?

Though there is no official confirmation about such a ban, rumors suggest the religious issue might be the reason behind this or we can also say that it’s a possible cause of Mobile Legend’s ban in India. The reason is that some people think that due to the presence of Hindu goddesses in Mobile Legends, they have been banned in parts of India. This rumor started when an individual made a complaint regarding ML in Maharashtra. And since then many gamers are thinking about whether this game has been banned in India or not, which after all isn’t true.

Though there is no statement yet from government authorities or any organization regarding this issue if you’ve played Mobile Legends Apk before, you may know how fun-filled and action-filled this game is. If it was banned then why would you come to know that the game has 150 million players worldwide? Moreover, if we go by the rumors, we should also see other similar games like DOTA2 and LOL which also have Hindu goddesses as their characters banned in India too. And this isn’t possible as those games are played by millions of gamers daily all over the world.

So, Mobile Legends has not been banned in India (most likely). Though there’s no official statement regarding this issue from anyone it can be stated confidently that Mobile Legend is still available for Indian gamers with unchanged features and gameplay. This article will be updated as soon as we get some confirmation or denial about this issue from the concerned authority. So, keep reading Mobile Legends News for more news on upcoming updates of the game.

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