Candy Crush Soda Saga MOD APK (Unlimited Moves)

MOD Features: Unlimited Moves, Unlimited Gold Bars, Infinite Lives, Unlimited Boosters. Unlock All Episodes
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May 3, 2022
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We have developed Candy Crush Soda Saga MOD APK (Unlimited Moves) for the game. You can download it for free from our website.

With our mod apk, you will get Unlimited Moves, Unlimited Gold Bars, Infinite Lives, and Unlimited Boosters on your game account. You will also unlock all the Episodes.

Candy Crush Soda Saga Mod Apk File Information:

Candy Crush Soda Saga Mod Apk
App NameCandy Crush Soda Saga Mod Apk
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Moves, Unlimited Gold Bars, Infinite Lives, Unlimited Boosters. Unlock All Episodes
Root Required?No

Candy Crush Soda Saga Mod Features:

  • Unlimited Moves
  • Unlimited Gold Bars
  • Infinite Lives
  • Unlimited Boosters
  • Unlock All Episodes
  • Free to download
  • Totally Safe
  • Compatible with all Android versions
  • Candy Crush Soda Saga Mod APK file is very easy to install
  • Autoupdate
  • No need to root your Android device!

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Unlimited Moves

Being a game with 7 different colors of candies, Candy Crush Soda Saga uses moves. Moves represent the matching of at least three candies of the same colors in a row or in a column. Moves also are the main important feature which can switch a color bomb, coloring candy or they can combine special candies. Although moves are important and useful, they run out very quickly.

Download the Candy Crush Saga hack and your moves will be unlimited.

Even after one match, the remaining moves will reduce to only 1. You have only 5 moves you can use. You have to wait over 2 hours to get back the number of moves back to continue playing. If you wanna hear every time the “Soda Crush” sound, you need to complete every single level. Even if you finish the level but you have no moves left, you fail the level. With our Candy Crush Soda Saga Mod Apk, you will get unlimited moves.

That means, of course, you cannot remain without moves anymore. As you know, after a level is completed, the remained moves in your account will be replaced with special candies. They are consisting of items such as candy fish, wrapped candies, striped candies, color bombs, and coloring candies.

Unlimited Gold Bars

The game’s currency is Gold. As known as Gold Bars, they are for sale. You can buy 15 Gold Bars with 1 American dollar. With our hack, you get Unlimited Gold resources in your account. Gold Bars are required to buy boosters, lives, tickets, moves, and to unlock episodes. You can buy different combinations such as 5 Extra Moves + Striped Candy with 12 Gold, 5 Moves, Colouring Candy and Striped + Wrapped Candy with 33, and more like these.

Since Soda Tickets are no longer required to advance to the next episode, only from Shortcake Shores to Sugarcube Cave, Gold Bars are the currency in the Candy Crush Soda Saga Mod Apk game. You can buy 1 Ticket with 3 Gold Bars. Being the single currency used in the game, Gold is very desirable.

Unlimited Boosters

Boosters are the items that help you finish the levels quickly. You can use and combine them to destroy fast the colored candies from the board. Boosters power up your gameplay. They can be earned by various methods but they are also consumed quickly.

If you download our hack you will get unlimited boosters. You can use as many boosters as you want in your game. Be the best in this game with our Candy Crush Saga mod app’s features.

Here below is a list of Unlimited Boosters you can get with the Candy Crush Saga Mod Apk:

Coloring CandyColoring Candy
Double delish fishDouble delish fish
Extra MovesExtra Moves
Free SwitchFree Switch
Lollipop HammerLollipop Hammer
Wrapped CandyWrapped Candy
Striped CandyStriped Candy

Infinite Lives

Not only you will have unlimited moves and unlimited gold bars, but you will also get Infinite Lives with the Candy Crush Soda Saga mod apk.

Levels are more important than the resources you have. Levels may keep you on stand-by a lot of time even if you have enough gold and moves because you can’t continue playing.

In order to level up, you need lives, more than 5 lives which you can have. Even if there are too few lives, they run out before you realize it. You don’t have to figure out how can you get more lives because we developed the Candy Crush Soda Saga MOD APK.

It already has infinite lives. You can burn as many lives as you want for it won’t affect the number of your lives you can continue use. Normally you can get only 2 lives every 1 hour, a maximum of 5 lives.

There is already a reward in the game which gives you unlimited lives for a limited time. After that time passed, you will get back to the boring game where you have to wait for lives to get back, or to ask for a friend’s help.

You can also buy lives with gold bars. But all these methods are not pleasant anymore. Get the Candy Crush Soda Saga MOD APK and forget about all those stupid methods. Benefit from Infinite Lives and level up.

Unlock All Episodes

Unlocking all the Episodes from the Candy Crush Soda Saga Mod Apk will automatically Unlock all the Levels also. Each episode contains a number of levels, the episodes are included in Worlds.

With all the unlimited resources and the episodes unlocked you can level up really fast and complete the game.

The list below contains some random episodes you will have unlocked, together with all their levels.

Choco CanyonChoco Canyon
Flapjack ForestFlapjack Forest
Shortcake ShoresShortcake Shores
The Candy FactoryThe Candy Factory


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About the Game

Candy Crush is an extraordinary puzzle game that was released in 2013. The game, Candy Crush Soda Saga can be considered a sequel to the original Candy Crush.

Another cool game, similar to this one is Tropico Blast. You can download the mod for free from our website.

How to play the game

The player should match three similar candy types so that they will be eliminated from the level and others will be brought into the play. If there is more for four or more, the player will take advantage of a one-time power-up.

You should achieve several goals to clear a level. For instance, you should let the gummy bear to the top to move to the next level. You will lose a life if you won’t achieve the goal within those moves. Even though the regeneration of resources will take place, there will be a great delay in the process.

Differences between Candy Crush Saga

The game, Candy Crush Soda Saga is a little different from the original Candy Crush launched in 2013. However, the mechanics are the same. You can go through new blocks that have new power-ups and the level of difficulty is similar to the previous version. The game offers great fun and excitement and there is a little bit of additional factor as well.

In-game Purchases

The game pushes in-app purchases and drives for Facebook integration. There is a limited number of lives some of which will be lost while cracking a difficult challenge. Even though there are free lives, the player will want to purchase resources to move to the next level without any issues.

With our mod apk, you will be able to generate unlimited lives. The user should be 13 years or above to play the game. If you would like to purchase resources, you should be above 18 years old. Or you can just use our Hack Mod and get them fully Free.

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Players Reviews

Players Reviews
  • I have so much fun playing this game. Very well-crafted in terms of graphics, story, progression, and musical composition. I like that levels can still be easy as you progress. It’s great for all ages. (I just wish the vertical/horizontal blast candies would always clear entire rows. You know, when the layered treats are in the way. It is fine if they strip one layer at a time.
  • Great fun. Requires thought while determining the best combinations. Great brain teasers. The harder levels can be frustrating at times but it encourages you to explore alternative ways to try to solve. ..Love it.

candy crush soda saga mod apk

Why use Candy Crush Soda Saga MOD APK?

The main reason why this hack is useful is that you don’t have to pay for itself and either for the game’s resources. Gold Bars are expensive to buy but you can have Unlimited Gold with the Candy Crush Soda Saga Mod Apk.

Then you will get Unlimited Boosters. We all know how this feature will change the gameplay of Candy Crush Soda Saga MOD. Use as many items as you need in order to succeed.

Then use the moves, make combos, and accomplish the levels which are ahead of you.

Scale up really fast and you have all the Episodes unlocked. Nothing will stand against your way from becoming the best player. Especially your friends will envy you for your ability to score. You will surpass them easily.

You can download the .apk file below. The Candy Crush Soda Saga Mod Apk is easy to install and free to use. It is clean and virus-free.

Assuming you understand how this mod apk will help you, I wish you good luck and enjoy your gameplay with this hack!

Play the game using our Candy Crush Soda Saga Mod to get the highest score!

How to install Candy Crush Soda Saga MOD APK on Android

If you want to install apps from sources other than the Play Store, you’ll need to enable “Unknown Sources” on your Android device. Here’s how:

1. Open the Settings app on your device.

2. Tap Security or Applications (varies with device).

3. Select Unknown Sources to allow installation of apps from sources other than the Play Store.

4. When prompted, tap OK to confirm.

unknown sources

Now you’re ready to install the mod app. Just follow these easy steps:

  1. First, make sure that you have downloaded the MOD APK file for the app that you want to install. You can find the APK files on the download button.
  2. Click on the download button and wait for the file to be downloaded.
  3. Once you have downloaded the Candy Crush Soda Saga MOD APK file, simply tap on it to install it. The mod app will now be installed on your phone, and you can open it right away.
  4. Follow the instructions inside the app and enjoy the game with all the unlimited features!


How do I get unlimited lives on Candy Crush Soda Saga?

You will get unlimited lives in Candy Crush Soda Saga by using our free Mod Apk. It is very easy to install and use.

Can you cheat on Candy Crush Soda Saga?

The answer is again YES. Try our free Candy Crush Soda Saga Mod Apk and see it for yourself. You will get unlimited lives and moves on your game account.

Is Candy Crush Soda Saga safe to install?

Yes, it is safe, as you don’t have to root your Android device in order for the Mod Apk file to work. So, there will be no risk involved!


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