Cookie Run: Kingdom MOD APK (Unlimited Coins)

MOD Features: Unlimited COINS, Unlimited CRYSTALS, Unlimited EXP STAR JELLIES & Unlimited Gift Points. Infinite Topping & Infinite CLOVER COOKIES
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Have a fun-filled experience in this game full of sweet surprises with our Cookie Run: Kingdom MOD APK (Unlimited Coins). Get Unlimited COINS, Unlimited CRYSTALS, Unlimited EXP STAR JELLIES, and Unlimited Gift Points with our mod. Moreover, get Infinite CLOVER COOKIES and Infinite Topping.

Cookie Run: Kingdom unlimited coins

App NameCookie Run: Kingdom Mod Apk
MOD FeaturesUnlimited COINS, Unlimited CRYSTALS, Unlimited EXP STAR JELLIES & Unlimited Gift Points. Infinite Topping & Infinite CLOVER COOKIES
CategoryRole Playing
Root Required?No
  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited Crystals
  • Unlimited Gift Points
  • Unlimited Exp Star Jellies
  • Infinite Clover Cookies
  • Infinite Topping
  • Easy to install and to use
  • Free to download
  • Cookie Run: Kingdom Mod APK working on all Android versions
  • Anti-ban system
  • No need to root your device


Unlimited Coins

In this Cookie Run: Kingdom game, coins play the most important role as they are the main currency. In order to purchase things and to upgrade, you need coins. The ways you can get coins are by playing the game, by the Gifts Lucky Draw, buying them with Crystals, selling treasures and ingredients, by the Mystery Boxes, Events, Power+ Treasure Effect, and from achievements. You can download our Cookie Run: Kingdom mod apk to get unlimited coins resources.

The utility of coins is for buying cookies, upgrade the cookies and the pets, buying good treasure chests, upgrading the treasures, boosts, and power upgrades.

So, coins are obviously mandatory in this game to thrive. You can get Unlimited Coins for free from our Cookie Run: Kingdom MOD APK. Don’t need to spend real money to buy coins packages, but download our mod instead.


Unlimited Crystals

The premium currency used in the game is the Crystals. You can upgrade treasures using crystals. There are better odds to succeed using crystals in upgrading instead of coins.

You can hatch Pets and higher-tier Treasures with Crystals too. Besides the coins which you will get from our mod, you will also get Unlimited Crystals. Download Cookie Run: Kingdom Mod Apk from our website and benefit from the great number of crystals you can get from it.

Gift Points

Unlimited Gift Points

The rewards players get in the game for making purchases, participating and completing events and from interactions with friends are called Gift Points. The rewards from the gifts differ from getting free coins, some boosts set, or a free Pet. Yet, with our Cookie Run: Kingdom MOD apk you will get Unlimited Gift Points. Therefore, your gift points will not be capped anymore. Open the maximum number of gifts and uncap them.

About the game

Find out what happens when a bunch of cookies escapes from an oven, only to stumble on a vast cookie kingdom! Your journey full of adventure, peril, and sweet delights begins here!

The Cookie Run: Kingdom had been a long-awaited game in the popular series of cookie run games. No question why, because it already had over a million pre-registrations with a lot of days ahead of launching. This game has been developed by the Devsisters and it is available for download on android and iOS. It is a colorful game full of cookies and cakes. A world of adventure and enchantment invites you!


The Cookie Run: Kingdom is suitable for everyone of age three and above. This is a role-playing game in which you will lead your other cookie friends through 200 levels. You have to unveil the secrets of this land and find traces of the cookie heroes. You have to face great peril and build a whole kingdom from scratch.

Cookie Run: Kingdom download game

If there is sugar then there is bound to be some spice around. You have to engage in battle with your rivals and stop them from destroying the cookie world. Assemble a team of cookies and lead your squad in battle. You can choose from eight roles! And unleash the skills of your teammates with a few taps. The life-like animations will give you goosebumps every time you engage in a fast-paced battle.

As you progress through the levels you will keep building the enticing cookie kingdom with the help from your cookie friends. You can also take part in festivals, events, and go on missions with your friends. You can connect with the other players and invite your friends to play the game with you. Explore the unknown lands of this cookie land and spread the name of your kingdom as you flourish.

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Game Features

The Cookie Run: Kingdom is very different from the previous two games of the franchise. And this game is packed with exciting features. Along your journey, you will find old friends like the wandering bard, Espresso Cookie! The fabled bounty hunter, Custard Cookie III, Licorice, and Poison Mushroom cookie! And that is not all!

You will play through 200 story levels and meet jelly the worm! You will fight against cake monsters and showcase your battle tactics. You will have many sweet encounters on this journey of constructing your kingdom.

You will build a juice bar for the Sparkling cookie! Or build a magic laboratory for wizard cookie! And the Cookie Run: Kingdom more fun by constructing parks for enjoyment, houses for your fellow cookie mates, buildings for producing goods, streets, and many other things!

Cookie Run: Kingdom is a fun role-playing game that will stimulate your creative side. The interactive interface will let you interact with other players, engage in battle, construct a kingdom, uncover secrets of the past, and go on a journey to find traces of the great cookie heroes. Happy playing!

Cookie Run: Kingdom mod apk


You can download our latest version of Cookie Run: Kingdom MOD APK. The resources you’ll receive are Unlimited Coins, Unlimited Crystals, Unlimited Gift Points, and Unlimited Exp Star Jellies. Also, Infinite Clover Cookies and Infinite Topping. We let you decide if it’s the best mod.

There’s only one method you can get more Coins and Crystals for free if you don’t want to spend your real money. Download our Cookie Run: Kingdom mod APK and get Unlimited Coins and Unlimited Crystals resources.

Is this MOD safe and 100% FREE?!

Yes, we can assure you that our mod .apk is safe and free to use. Moreover, you will not see any Ads in your game.

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