Criminal Case Mod APK (Unlimited Coins)

MOD Features: Unlimited Coins, Instant Access & Analysis
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Nov 2, 2022
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If you love solving puzzles and are addicted to criminal investigation moves and series, there’s no way you can miss out on enjoying Criminal Case. It is an award-winning adventure game with millions of downloads and is noted to have one of the highest ratings in its genre.

In Criminal Case Mod APK, you get to become part of the Grimsborough Police Investigation team and solve numerous criminal cases of missing objects and murder crimes. If this sounds exciting, download and start enjoying Criminal Case Mod APK today.

The setting of Criminal Case is exciting as you will be in Grim City, which is filled with evil, corruption, and gangsters. You need to become the master detective this city needs to solve crimes.

You will be in charge of collecting and examining evidence, analyzing samples, finding evidence, and ensuring that the criminals are put behind bars. The aim of Criminal Case Mod APK is to find the criminal and ensure that the victim gets the justice he deserves.

In Criminal Case, there are a total of six districts that divide Grimsborough City. The city is a mirror image of New York City. Grimsborough City, as mentioned earlier, is divided into different districts, including Financial Center, Maple Heights, Historical Center, Industrial Area, Airport, and University.

As you progress into the game, other parts of this game are unlocked, ensuring there’s more adventure, mysteries, and crimes you need to investigate and solve.

In every part of this game, whether it is on Pacific Bay, Concordia, Fairview, Spring Field, Money Mile, or anywhere else, there are tons of mysterious crimes you will encounter. You need to use your wit, interrogation skills, investigative abilities, and intuition to solve the crimes.

Unlimited Coins

In Criminal Case, you also get to play with friends and collectively investigate a crime. You also get to search the witnesses and collect any evidence. The in-game currency of Criminal Case Mod APK is coins, and when you get unlimited coins, it becomes easier to analyze and investigate the case.

There are many in-game features that are in Criminal Case Mod APK, and the more features you’ve access to, the easier it is to solve the case.

As a player, you’ve to be a specialist investigator to solve cases with many missing elements. When you’ve unlimited coins, it becomes easier to get the clues and hints that led to the crime.

As an investigator of a case in Criminal Case Mod APK, you need to connect the various clues you find to get to the real killer. It is what would help you solve the case quickly and go on to solve another case.

The more cases you solve, the higher you climb in the ranks as investigators, and the more perks and unlocked.

Instant Access & Analysis

In Criminal Case Mod APK, you’ll be able to do instant access and analysis.

The ability to do instant access and analysis helps you solve the case faster and arrest the real killer quickly. You can compete with your friends to determine the best crime investigator.

So, if you love to play Crime-based games, Criminal Case Mod APK is the best game out there. There are tons of crimes and mysteries in the game you need to solve.


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