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Enjoy stunning HD graphics and immersive gameplay. Download now and get a sneak peek into FIFA 24!
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5 Sept 2023
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EA Sports FC 24 Mobile APK is a beta version of one of the most popular mobile football games of all time – FIFA 24.

The game is developed by EA Sports and is meant to help the massive audience of the game to preview some of the popular and exciting features of the game before the official version is globally released. 

In EA Sports FC 24 Mobile, you get to build your dream team by choosing from thousands of real-life players from some of the best football clubs from across the globe.

You need to collect player cards as you progress in the game to improve your squad’s strength and create a team that matches your strategy and preferences. 

EA Sports FC 24 Mobile APK is developed after years of evolution and has all the features and elements to make gameplay on a touch screen a seamless experience. You won’t face any problems while maneuvering the players while on the field on your touch screen. 

Use the cursor on the left with your thumb to move the play while the cursor on the right side takes offensive or defensive actions.

Once you start playing EA Sports FC 24 Mobile, you’ll feel you’re on the field playing football due to the immersive gameplay and HD graphics this game offers. 

Even if you’re new in the world of mobile football, rest assured there are training courses you can use to understand the control system and other features.

Once you’re done with the training, you can dive deep into the football world in EA Sports FC 24 Mobile APK. 

Collect Player Cards 

One of the ways you can progress in EA Sports FC 24 Mobile is by collecting player cards. It will help you improve and expand your football team while creating your dream team.

You can collect player cards by completing questions, playing matches, and participating in in-game events. 

Excellent Graphics 

EA Sports FC 24 Mobile APK has been praised worldwide for its excellent HD graphics, pushing the envelope in the world of mobile football games to the top. 

The interface is user-friendly, and the control system is highly optimized to ensure you don’t have any issues getting used to playing the game on your mobile phone or tablet. 

The realistic graphics of the stadium, players, costumes, and other football elements help add a new lease of life to this virtual football game.

Moreover, the corresponding sound, football commentary, crowd noise, and more help enrich the users’ gaming experience. 

Multiple Modes 

EA Sports FC 24 Mobile has multiple modes, including single-player, tournament play, online multiplayer mode, and more. 

Many events take place in the game, ensuring you’re never bored or feel monotonous in the game. 

In essence, you can play with your friends or other pro players from across the globe. Irrespective of when you choose to play, there are always thousands of players online you’ll get matched with. 

Frequent Events 

EA Sports FC 24 Mobile is regularly updated with new daily quests, daily events, new tournaments, and other football events.

Just like many football tournaments keep happening across the year in the football world, new events, tournaments, and events also take place in the game. 

It allows the players to earn generous rewards, collect player cards, and in-game currency that can be used to strengthen the team and personalize the gaming experience. 

Unlock Player Cards

This is one of the mod benefits of downloading EA Sports FC 24 Mobile APK. As mentioned earlier, you need to collect player cards to create your own dream team and empower it with powerful players. 

However, in the mod version, you get to unlock player cards of premium players for free. It is a great advantage you can use to build a solid team. 

Unlock In-Game FC Points

FC Points are the in-game currency in EA Sports FC 24 Mobile, and in the modded version, you get free and unlimited FC points. 

This will help you upgrade your team in the game and unlock Ultimate Edition and access to other football campaigns.

Having sufficient FC points will also help you unlock the Ultimate Team campaign, boosting your gaming experience tremendously. 

Download EA Sports FC 24 Mobile APK + MOD

For hardcore FIFA followers and players, EA Sports FC 24 Mobile APK is a great game that will give you a sneak peek into the final edition yet to be released. 

Even if it’s just a beta version, the game is packed with exciting and intuitive features that will keep you glued to the game for hours. 

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