Grow Spaceship MOD APK (Unlimited Gold/Silver)

Collect resources, craft powerful ships, and dominate the cosmic battlefield with Grow Spaceship Mod Apk.
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6 Oct 2023
Android 5.0 and up
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MOD Features

  • Free Purchase
  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited Silver


Grow Spaceship – Galaxy Battle is a game that blends idle mechanics with the adrenaline-pumping action of shooting games. You can build, upgrade, and command a fleet of spaceships as you navigate through the immense galaxy. It is a fun retro shooting game you should try.

Grow and upgrade your fleet

You will soar through the cosmos with your fleet of sheep behind you, targeting enemy ships and cosmic debris with your lasers through the dark void. Grow Spaceship will offer you a thrilling experience, as it combines the nostalgia of retro games with advanced idle gameplay mechanics. 

Your mission through space is to destroy enemy ships, collect silver and gold, and use these resources to expand and strengthen your fleet. There will also be a crafting system, where you can collect ship pieces, to create new and more powerful ships to add to your fleet. Another great advantage is that you can play this game offline, so you won’t need an internet connection.

Enhancing and expanding mothership

As you navigate through the cosmic battlefield, you will encounter more opportunities to expand and upgrade your fleet. You can dismantle boss ships, get their pieces, and construct new and stronger ships for your armada. There is also the mothership, the heart of your fleet, that you should fortify and expand, as it is the core of your fleet.

You should spend your resources, silver, and gold, carefully, to upgrade your turrets and create the strongest spacehip ever. Moreover, the creation of smaller ships that accompany your mothership adds a layer of defense against the enemy ships.

Different modes available: planetary combat, boss raid

Grow Spaceship has a lot of modes and challenges, that will test your strategic and combat skills. You can engage in planetary combats, where your fleet has to fight against strong planetary defenses. or you can choose to fight in a boss raid, where the stakes are high, but the rewards are on point.

Each mode has its unique challenges, that will require you to adapt your strategies and optimize your fleet accordingly. Every choice matters in these combats, as you should pay attention to which ship should be crafted next, or when to deplay your special skills.

2D graphics and sound effects

Grow Spaceship will bring you on a cosmos journey, with classic 2D pixel graphics, creating a nostalgic yet exciting atmosphere. It will basically bring back the retro games feelings of yesteryears. All these pixelated ships, cosmic backgrounds, the vibrant lasers provide together a visually stimulating experience that will surely be enjoyed.

The soundtrack is perfectly combined with the graphics, ensuring excitement and mysterious space exploration.

All these combined, the explosions of defeated ships, the blips of the lasers, and the cosmic sounds, create an experience that will propel you deeper into the galactic adventures.

Features of the mod: Unlimited currencies, etc.

If you are seeking a slightly different journey through the cosmos, there’s a modded version of Grow Spaceship you can download from our website. This mod version comes with unlimited currencies, including gold, silver, diamonds, rubies, planets, and tickets. It will provide a different gameplay dynamic where resources will get unrestricted exploration and upgrading.

Download Grow Spaceship Mod Apk (Free Purchase)

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