Hole House APK (+MOD Unlock Premium)

Experience the captivating storyline and stunning graphics in this adult game. Download now and revive the hotel!
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02 May 2023
55 MB
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MOD Features

  • Unlock All Characters
  • Unlock Premium
  • Remove Ads
  • No need to root your Android device


If you cherish simulation games, then we’ve got an interesting option for you; it’s the Hole House game. You’ll fall in love and get stuck with this game, especially if you are a pretty lady. 

Hole House Apk will challenge your romantic skills in a way you can’t imagine. It is more than moving from one room to another, it’s all about exploring your seductive skills, attractive face, and enticing body structure to boost business! 

What business are we talking about here, and why do you need your body and beauty to boost a company’s growth? You will get to know in this review. 

So, sit back and relax while we discuss what you should expect from the in-demand game, its features, how to play it, and how to install Hole House Mod Apk file. 

App NameHole House Mod Apk
MOD FeaturesUnlocked Premium, No Ads
Size55 MB
Root Required?No

What is the Hole House Game All About? 

Hole House is a simulation game in which players work in a crumbling hotel that needs a savior as soon as possible. The manager has tried everything possible to save the business, but all her efforts were fruitless. 

And now, she’s interested in someone who will do extraordinary things to bring the business back on track. Someone who will go the extra mile to attract more beautiful employees, even if it requires doing the unthinkable (you know what that means, right?) 

Luckily for the company, you are willing to give your best because you desperately need a job to survive the current economic crisis in your country. 

The frustrated manager reveals the challenging employment criteria, and you are satisfied with them. Not like you have other options anyways. 

However, there’s a problem— the hiring manager doesn’t trust you. They doubt your ability to change the business fortune in a short time. 

Thus, your first target in the Hole House game is to convince your employers by attracting new beautiful girls to work with you. Let the company see what you’ve got up your sleeves, explore your sexy body, win their trust, and save the failing project. 

Are you wondering how that’s going to happen? Here’s how to play the game. 

Unlocked Premium 

Like in the real world, you need a lot of money to revive a dying business. You will invest in state-of-the-art facilities, settle the ladiesʼ bills, and customize your room to suit your tastes. 

Unfortunately, these tasks are impossible without upgrading to a paid account in the Hole House official app. That’s why you should download Hole House MOD APK, which offers unlocked premium packages. 

You will have more than enough money to complete all the necessary tasks without any subscription. 

Easy-to-use Interface and System

This feature will improve everyone’s gaming experience because it guarantees easy control, high responsiveness, and exciting sounds. 

No Ads 

Apart from the smooth and responsive graphics, the mod apk guarantees uninterrupted gaming sessions due to its no-ads feature. No promotional content will disturb you while playing the Hole House Mod Apk. 

Unique Outfits for Different Characters 

Every character has a unique body structure and matching attire. 

Find the perfect dress for your body structure and purchase different accessories and cosmetics for free.  

Other reasons you should choose the Hole House Mod APK over the official version include free movie streaming, seamless internet connection, and high overall performance. 

Players Reviews
  • I’m absolutely loving this mod! It’s a great mix of simulation and romance, with beautiful graphics and a great story. I’m really enjoying the challenge of convincing the ladies to work with me and I’m looking forward to seeing the business grow. Highly recommended for anyone who loves simulation games!
  • The storyline is so captivating and the graphics are stunning. It’s such a unique game and I love the challenge of convincing the ladies to join me in reviving the hotel.
  • Hole House is an amazing game that I’ve been playing for a few weeks now. Thanks for this mod.

How to Play Hole House Game 

Your mission is to meet many beautiful girls(at least four) and tell them why they should join you in the quest to revive the hotel. You might need to show the ladies what you got (romantically) if they doubt your words. So, here’s how to achieve your mission:

  • Enter the home using the key and Door Knob. 
  • You will see a piece of paper on the desk; Pick and insert it into the designed slot in the room.
  • A well-done job will grant you access to four pretty ladies you must convince as soon as possible. 
  • Pick your mobile phone from the left side of the cum bar, check it, and read your boss’s task for you. 

They could demand you lay with the girls or massage them to poach them to the company. The CEO might even order you to upgrade the hotelʼs facilities or settle the girlsʼ financial needs with your hard-earned money. 

This isn’t to scare you but prepare for unimaginable quests in the Hole House. Ensure you complete each task to influence their final decision to your advantage. 

You can also download Camp Buddy Mod and Touch Himawari Mod APK.

Features of House House Apk

Random Dates 

The Hole House is all about going on dates with different girls, chatting with them, and convincing them to work with you. The game features attractive bars and a conducive environment for romantic discussions and outings

You can even bring the girls to your customized room for top-notch enjoyment. 

18+ Terms and Languages 

This game is strictly for adults because it contains sensitive language and actions. Don’t download the Hole House if you are below the certified age to protect your mental health and mind. 

Multiple Languages 

You can play the Hole House in different languages, including English, French, Italian, and others. Check the available languages and choose your preferred option. 

Administration for the Girls

This part of the game allows you to assign jobs to the ladies you eventually convince. Everyone will have their own customizable apartment and privacy. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

APK files are safe on your IOS and Android devices if you install them from a credible source. Hence, you should download the Hole House mod apk through the download link on this page.

Go to the storage file or storage folder on your phone. Select either phone storage or SD card, depending on the one you want to check. Click the "More" option at the top right corner of the phone. You will see a list of hidden files on your screen.

No, the Hole House Mod Apk is not available on Playstore. You can only download from third-party sources or websites.

How to Install the Hole House Apk

  • Download the Hole House APK from the download button below. 
  • Go to the download folder on your device and click on the newly downloaded mod file. 
  • Your phone will automatically direct you to the “app setting” where you will enable “Unknown sources” 
  • Click “install.” The device will complete the rest. 
  • Launch the Hole House mod apk and start your adventure. 


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