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MOD Features: Unlimited Gold Coins, Unlimited Money, Unlimited Energy
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Enjoy this breath-taking journey of adventure and survival with our Jurassic Survival MOD APK (Unlimited Coins/ Energy) developed for the game. You will get Unlimited Gold Coins on your game account and Unlimited Energy.

Jurassic Survival MOD Apk File Information:

Jurassic Survival mod

App NameJurassic Survival Mod Apk
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Gold Coins, Unlimited Money, Unlimited Energy
Root Required?No

Jurassic Survival MOD Features:

  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Energy
  • 100% Safe (Anti-ban system)
  • Jurassic Survival Mod APK file working on all Android versions
  • Easy to use
  • No need to root your Android device!

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About the game

You as the player in Jurassic Survival mod apk are literally dying of both fits of hunger as well as a lot of colds. The primary objective now is to survive the ordeal. One needs to go on hunts in Jurassic survival mod apk as well as collect whatever resources are available nearby.

As the game begins, you find yourself cast away all alone on an island full of dinosaurs. The dinosaurs are without a doubt huge in size. You need to build a shelter for yourself as well as craft different things out of the resources that you have collected.

Things to remember

You have the choice of taking things from other players or string them together to make the journey easier. There are lots of giant hungry dinosaurs around you.

All the dinosaurs present on the island can obviously be tamed. This activity may not be too safe but yields a lot of positive results for you. For example, one can carry around many logs on the back of a say diplodocus dinosaur.

It is equally funny to see your enemy getting shredded into pieces by the activity of a tyrannosaurus. The very sight of these huge creatures can make lots of people nervous, even though it is just a part of the game.

Keep things warm and healthy

One needs to eat as well as drink regularly to keep oneself healthy in this world. There are lots of meat as well as fruits and water to be found on the island. You simply have to take your share of things and hope for not getting eaten alive by the dinosaurs.

The house that you have built is obviously the safest place for you to stay in. A player needs to collect lots of building materials in the Jurassic Survival mod apk, to create a strong house.

The height of the fence around the house needs to be on the higher side, as there are monsters on the prowl around you. If the height is too low, they can step into your house quite easily.

Creating the needful

One can have a lot of fun chasing dinosaurs around by just using a stick. However, it will be a much wise choice to build a really solid weapon and create armor as well. You can store lots of different weapons as well as equipment that may be required to survive in this world. Get Unlimited Coins and Unlimited Money with Jurassic Survival mod apk.

There are lots of big animals around to hunt, in this game.

Jurassic Survival gameplay

If you think that dinosaurs and other players are the only beings present in this game, then you are quite wrong. You simply need to look into the dungeons to dispel all your doubts.

Building a village

There are many players who are not quite used to going on lone hunts. For all those people, Jurassic survival mod apk gives a chance to build a whole village. One can team up with other players and build this village.

There is a lot of excitement in this life, you can build huge buildings as well as hunt down dangerous beasts in groups. The world of this game runs deep and is very interesting to explore. You need to start playing it immediately to get all the fun.

Way to be a warrior

In order to get ahead in this game, one needs to be regularly involved in all kinds of fighting as well as hunting. There are some defined rules within which one needs to function in order to emerge as the winner.

A player needs to fight really bravely and try to tame all fierce creatures that come in his way here. As you play a particular part of this game, you will find yourself immersed inside a story. Each part of this wonderful game can have a classification of its own.


The entire gameplay of Jurassic Survival mod apk will involve quite a bit of fighting and killing some creatures, that try to bump you off. You need to complete your tasks at a brisk pace else, you will be killed.

There are certain aspects of this game, which may be a little difficult for beginners to handle. The different fights that you can put up in this game include variations of wrestling with creatures, as well as the use of weapons.

A map is present for the gamers on the top right corner that tells you about the direction that one needs to take in the game. The black pointer depicted in the map tells you of the obstacle that must be avoided as it may lead to the instant death of the player.

Action laced game

There are lots of actions present within this game. A person can also occupy a house in this game. This house is literally a safe house, as one goes chasing dangerous creatures around. A player will be collecting resources as well as build different crafts to survive all the hungry dinosaurs around.

Blending with the surroundings

It takes a while for the gamers to get accustomed to the surroundings of this gaming world. There are different kinds of animals like tigers and zebras as well as lots of predators that players have to negotiate in Jurassic survival mod apk. A player always needs to be alert and smart in order to progress through this game.

Graphics and sounds associated with the game

The different creatures within the game, all look quite ominous in nature. There are lots of shadowy parts present within this game. This in a way imparts a haunting environment for the gamers to revel in.

Different features of the jungles have been highlighted well inside this game. The sound effects, especially around the bushes, really give you the chills. The animal sounds and the sound of the jungle have been incorporated together. Also, get Unlimited Rubies with Era of Celestials MOD.

Scary game and its controls

In order to control the gun in the game, you simply need to press some buttons. You need to click on different objects in Jurassic survival to see how they function. The great graphics coupled with scary voiceovers provide a really exciting atmosphere for the different gamers. The entire game and its different concepts make things really interesting.

Jurassic Survival unlimited gold

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