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We have released the latest Last Day on Earth: Survival MOD APK (Unlimited Coins) for the game. You can download it for Free from our website. Play the game using our mod and you will get unlimited Coins on your game account. Also, you will get infinite Energy Packs and free Craft in the game.

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About the game

People are always short on time these days and while playing such challenging games time really matters.

When it comes to playing entertaining as well as deadly games like Last Day on Earth: Survival, having a list of tricks and strategies handy can be quite useful for players to survive long enough to score high and become the champion of the game.

The new and amateur players might feel like spending a few days to understand the strategy of the game which in turn might be a waste of time.

Often they feel the need for a little guidance to help them orient themselves in this treacherous and modern world game. What might seem like a simple game to normal eyes is actually quite crucial for people who love gaming and consider themselves game nerds.


So, Last Day on Earth: Survival is a zombie game that is quite similar along the lines of Day Z as well as H1Z1! The sole aim of the player is to survive a hostile environment by collecting resources and trying to scare off the invaders (read zombies and hostile gamers) either alive or dead.

You can download the Last Day on Earth: Survival game from Google Play for free.

Background Story!

The main background of this game is that the world has been destroyed by a plague virus pandemic. A world where most people have been transformed into immortal zombies so that there is no relation or no friendship between anyone. The player is the sole survivor who has to survive by fending off the zombies and by outsmarting the other opponent players, which requires using advanced skills.

This guide will help the players to survive as well as conquer the complicated version of Last Day on Earth: Survival.

Scavenging Resources

Sometimes when the players have just started the new game in Last Day on Earth: Survival, they might be perplexed about how to proceed further and it might take a while to get familiar with the mechanics of the game which will require some crafting as well.

But, before that players have to collect and gather resources by using the GRAB button which includes a variety of supplies which is available nearby such as grass, rocks, sticks, and other such things that will come in handy for fighting a zombie. Get Unlimited Coins with our Last Day on Earth: Survival Mod Apk.

In order to activate the scavenging mode, the player has to select the AUTO button that is present in the extreme left corner at the bottom and that will prompt the character to scout for items in the area without the player guiding its character. Infinite Energy Packs will be added to your account with Last Day on Earth: Survival MOD APK.

Crafting Time

So after the player has mastered the art of scouting and scavenging in this complicated game, then it’s time for them to make use of the crafting skills and abilities which is a major step for moving ahead in the Last Day on Earth: Survival! So, crafting means constructing any building that would provide shelter and protect the character from zombies.

The most amazing part about crafting is the opportunity to build a home by tapping the CONSTRUCTION button in the mini-map. Well, that opens up the building options which appear at the bottom. It also becomes easier for the player to construct the home in a particular process which involves putting down the flooring first followed by the walls.

The players will realize while constructing or crafting that the better the specifications of the home, the higher the need to scavenge more and more items.

Pro tip: In terms of providing more specific information on what to collect during the first few days, the best recommendation would be to collect 6 limestone and 9 pine logs in order to craft a basic house. Moreover, do not forget to focus on the hatchet and pickaxe to tackle the zombies and proceed easily. Download Last Day on Earth: Survival MOD apk from our website.

Exploration is the key

Crafting points are limited, so one should focus on the basic necessities required for survival which include cooking food items, vegetables, a campfire, garden beds, and a small box. Things that help store more items so that they can be kept secretively inside the home where other players are unable to steal them.

Another important thing to focus on is to construct a door for the home that has been built. So that the zombies or other players cannot invade the house or steal items that one has collected by vigorous exploration.

Pro tip: A basic backpack can help the player store 7 to 8 items at a time. But, unless the backpack has been crafted beforehand it is wiser to stick inside the green safe area so that a lesser number of zombies have to be tackled.

What is the point of interest?

While playing Last Day on Earth: Survival, the players will encounter a lot of army supplies as well as great military drops and will also come across a lot of military bases. That will be the golden opportunity for them to hunt the military bases down to get hold of some high-quality loot.

Moreover, the military bases are fixed points of interest that is they never disappear but there’s a catch. To get into the military bases and explore them, the player will need a security key card.

That can only be acquired by killing zombies or opponent players. Once the security key card is in hand the player can enter the military bases and collect supplies which are mostly weapons as well as other valuable resources.

Leveling up and combat

Players have to remember that the higher the level they move, the more opportunities they will get but they will also have to face complicated challenges to move further. Get Unlimited Money by playing Earn to Die 2 Mod Apk.

Engaging with zombies and other players is crucial to level up and master the game. The best advice will be to reach level 10 as early as possible because this is where the players can craft the first set of basic armor which is extremely necessary for keeping them alive and surviving in the game.

Combat is inevitable in this game because the players will be surrounded by dangerous zombies and other hostile opponents most of the time. So, it is necessary to level up and craft basic farmers the first one to graph could be a sphere because it is extremely handy for killing zombies. You will get free crafting with our Last Day on Earth: Survival for Android.

Pro tip: Sneak-attack by crouching can come really handy who started the zombies as well as the hostile players. So look for the couch button on the bottom right corner and utilize it to maximum advantage because while crouching the place is difficult to spot.

Those were the tips and tricks that would help the place conquer the last day on earth survival. Time is running out! Hurry up and get a taste of the mind-blowing game. Nevertheless, take help from this comprehensive guide to mastering Last Day on Earth: Survival mod apk.

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