Ludo King MOD APK (Unlimited Coins)

MOD Features: Unlimited Coins & Unlimited Diamonds
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4 Oct 2022
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Ludo King MOD APK Features

  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Easy to install and use
  • Free to download
  • Ludo King Mod APK working on all Android versions
  • Anti-ban system
  • No need to root your device


If you’re a fan of Ludo, you’re going to love the Ludo King MOD APK! This app offers an updated version of the classic board game, complete with awesome new features. With the MOD APK, you can enjoy unlimited lives, so you never have to worry about losing your game.

You can also choose your favorite color, so your game always looks just the way you want it to. Plus, the MOD APK offers unlimited coins, so you can keep playing without having to worry about running out of money. Whether you’re a seasoned Ludo player or you’re just getting started, the Ludo King MOD APK is the perfect app for you!

Ludo King Mod Apk File Information:

App NameLudo King Mod Apk
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Coins & Unlimited Diamonds
Root Required?No

Unlimited Diamonds

There are different things that you can do in Ludo King to help you win the game. One thing that you can do is use diamonds. Diamonds are special tokens that can be used to help you win the game.

When you have a diamond, you can use it to take an extra turn. This can be helpful if you are trying to get your last token home. You can also use diamonds to block other players from taking their turns.

If you have a diamond, and another player tries to take your turn, you can use the diamond to block them. This can be really helpful if you are trying to prevent them from winning the game.

Diamonds are important in Ludo King, and you should try to get as many of them as you can. They can help you win the game, so download this Ludo King Mod Apk and use them to your advantage.

Unlimited Coins

Coins in Ludo King are important for a few reasons. Firstly, they are used as currency in the game. Secondly, they are used to purchase new pieces for your game board. Lastly, they can be used to unlock new boards and game modes.

To get coins, you can either win them through gameplay or purchase them with real-world money. Keep in mind that you can only purchase coins if you are playing the game on an Android or iOS device.

Use our Ludo King MOD APK to get unlimited coins on your game account for free.

About the game

Ludo is a game that has remained popular in the household for generations in different countries. Such is the charisma of the game, that it is able to attract everyone in the household, right from the little kid to the elderly grandfather. Ludo King is a phenomenal game that can be played with friends as well as families.

When a Ludo is in front of you, you simply need to throw the die to enter the game. For many adults, this game is a slice of nostalgia as it was a definite part of family affairs before the advent of mobile phones and the internet. Playing this game is like giving an invitation to your childhood to come back. Download the Ludo King mod apk from our website for Unlimited Coins.

All platforms

The game can be played with different players irrespective of the device or operating system. It can be played on desktops, android, iOS, etc. The game can also be played without the internet, where players are known to play with the system or in local multiplayer mode. So, download Ludo King MOD APK to get unlimited resources that will ease your gameplay. You can also get Unlimited Diamonds with Mortal Kombat Mod Apk.

The game is so casual and cool that even celebrities are known to endorse it and actually play it on their devices. Among all the different board games, this is the one that can be enjoyed by literally everybody.

Themes to see

Many new game themes have been available for players recently in Ludo King. All these themes are quite unique in nature and represent different moods of the game. There is a nature theme that shows greenery, the Christmas theme carries the Christmas spirit. The disco theme and the pinball theme are full of lights and action. Play PUBG, the most loved Android game, with our latest PUBG MOBILE Hack.

The Egyptian theme carries a historical flavor it. For people who love to play the game in a dreamy and colorful environment, there exists a candy theme. For people in the mood for some serious Ludo battles, the battle theme fits in perfectly. All these themes are live in nature.

New features

There are different new features incorporated within the game, including the ability to voice chat with your friends. Thus people will be able to make friends all over the world and challenge themselves to the games. The statistics of the players can be viewed easily now with a system of leveling up when required. Get Unlimited Diamonds with Ludo King MOD Apk.

The UI of the game is quite user-friendly and will make you fall in love with the gameplay. The game is there for everyone to play and enjoy, thus software support has been lent to even low-end devices.

Game History

People, curious about the origin of this game, need to know that this game of Ludo is actually a present-day version of the royal game of Pachisi. This royal game was usually played between the kings and queens in the olden days. People need to move the keep throwing the Ludo dice and ensure that the tokens reach the center of the board. Ludo King MOD APK is ready to be installed on your Android device.

Ludo King ensures that there is not one dull moment in your life. You have to consistently beat the opponents in order to emerge as the king of the game.

Play by the rule

The game itself follows different traditional rules and is quite old school in nature. You can feel yourself transforming into an ancient king or queen when you roll your dice. Players need to follow a definite strategy in order to move the tokens effectively. One wrong move can push you back to a large degree in the game. Download the Ludo King mod APK now by clicking the “Download MOD APK ” button below.

Players can express themselves effectively through the use of emojis. There are different variations that one can try out too, including snakes and ladders. The looks of the game are really classic and one can get the genuine feel of rolling a dice, each time.

Enjoy at home

Ludo King is a game that can be enjoyed tremendously by friends and families. People go on playing the game for hours at a stretch and it is thus a lot of fun for the entire family. The game is just perfect for all those hours of time pass.

Many people will come to realize that they had played the game in their childhood and they are again playing the same on their phones or tablets. And chances are they are still as addicted, as they were many years ago.

Snakes and Ladders

Another game that is quite similar to Ludo is Snakes and Ladders. Just like Ludo, most people have played this game too in their childhood. This classic game too has been incorporated beautifully into the mobile phones of the present generation. The objective here is to start from 1 and then get to 100 faster than the rest of the players. Get Unlimited Coins and Unlimited Diamonds with Ludo King mod apk.

Getting to 100 is of course done by moving the tokens. If a person lands on a ladder, he will go up, like taking a shortcut to the top. When faced with the head of a snake, one goes down. This is a game of ups and downs and teaches all players a valuable lesson.

If you want a more intense gameplay, try this new Survival Heroes MOBA Battle MOD.

Choosing the game

There are many advantages to choosing an online board game over others, including traditional games. Firstly, users from all corners of the world can stay connected and play together in this game. The auto-moving system ensures that no cheat codes are involved while playing the game. Players can pause and resume from where they had left in Ludo King quite easily.


The Ludo King game breathes excitement right from the word go. Not only is this game restricted to one country but has been downloaded by users all over the world. The game is of course known by other names in different countries. One can add up to six players at a time and play this absolutely amazing game. Download Ludo King MOD apk for free.

The entire experience of playing the Ludo game or Snakes and Ladders is therapeutic, to say the least, after a long day. The bonus of being able to play with your loved ones only makes it more exciting. The number of downloads and user base is only growing more with time and will continue to do so.


How do you beat Ludo King every time hack?

There are a few ways that you can beat Ludo King every time hack. One way is to use Ludo King Mod Apk or hack. Another way is to use a strategy guide. A third way is to play the game often and learn the ins and outs of it.

Finally, you could also try using a bot to play for you. Whichever way you choose to beat Ludo King every time, make sure you have fun while doing it!

How do you get 6 in Ludo king?

In Ludo King, you can get 6 by playing a triplet. A triplet is when you play three pieces in a row. This can be done with either three of the same color or three different colors. When playing a triplet, the pieces don’t have to be in a straight line, but they do have to be touching each other.

You can also get 6 by playing a six-pointed star. A six-pointed star is when you play six pieces in a row, and they don’t have to be touching each other. To play a six-pointed star, just select the six pieces you want to use and drag them into the playing area.

When you’re ready to play, release the mouse button and the pieces will automatically be played. whichever way you get 6, it’s a very powerful move and can often win the game for you.

Can we cheat in Ludo king?

Yes, you can cheat in Ludo king. One way to do this is to move your pieces off the board and back onto the board when it’s your opponent’s turn. This will allow you to get ahead of the game.

Another way to cheat is to move your pieces faster than your opponent so that they don’t have a chance to respond. However, both of these methods are considered cheating and can get you banned from the game.

You can also use the Ludo King MOD APK to cheat in the game.


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