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May 10, 2022
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Do you have fun playing pranks on your loved ones? The Magic Call Mod APK is a voice-changing app that helps you turn your voice into something funny, making it difficult for others to identify you. Users can unlock the PRO USA for free to access the entertaining features of this app.

This voice-changer has a user-friendly interface that everyone can use without any complications. You don’t require any technical knowledge to navigate through this simple application. It has different features for making background sounds to create a realistic scene. You can change your voice to robotic or feminine depending on your choice.

You can access the free options that allow you to change your voice based on age or gender. It has effects that can help you sound like a grown man or like a child. You can even change your voice to that of a dreamy girl to trick your male friends.

Magic Call Mod APK

App Information

App NameMagic Call Mod APK
Latest Version1.6.1
Requirement5.0 and up
Worldwide Downloads10,000+ downloads
Root Required?No
MOD FeaturesUnlock PRO Features
Updated2 days ago

What is Magic Call Mod APK

The Magic Call Mod APK is a version of the Magic Call APK app that offers unlimited credit to users to make their calls. This app allows users to choose different voice options and background features without making payments. BNG Mobile made it for Android devices.

This premium version is for free, and all the items included therein are also unlocked. It allows you to try out the voices before placing any calls. With this app, you can play emoticon sounds such as clap, laugh, kiss, and others.

In addition, this application is excellent for playing tricks. You can change your voice to different personalities, including males, females, robots, and even children. The background effects are also enormous because they imitate traffic noise and other sound effects. This app allows you to change between voices without the person at the other end knowing.

You can get it on the Play Store. Its size is 29 MB, and you need not worry about it taking more space than necessary on your Android device. Also, this app requires no cost for you to download. It currently has more than ten million followers across the globe.

Magic Call Mod APK 2

Features of the Magic Call Mod APK

●    Voice-Changer

Before this time, some programs and movies used voice-changers. They are mostly known for making horror movies to create the desired effect. Before there were applications, there were programs that people wrote to change their voices.

However, the Magic Call app makes it easier and eliminates the need for you to go through such a long process. You can alter your vocals from the usual to a wide range of options.

●    Multiple Voice Choices

Magic Call Mod APK is a fascinating application that offers limitless options to spice up your tricks. A modification allows you to use masculine, robotic, feminine, cartoon, or average. There’s no way your family and friends can detect that it is with this app.

You can also use this feature to extract information from your loved ones by pretending to be someone else. This works, especially if you feel they’ve been keeping things from you.

You may also want to try the Truecaller Premium MOD APK.

Magic Call Mod APK 3

●    Real-Time

This application goes the extra mile by allowing you to use these incredible features on a direct phone call with someone else. You can have interesting conversations and also do different funny things at the same time. Also, if you’ve had unwanted callers, you can use this application to discourage their efforts.

It also allows you to switch between different voices in a call. For example, you can alter your voice from a female to a cartoon voice to make your calls more exciting. It can become more creative while gaining expression through various options.

●    Free Credits

One of the things that can easily discourage you from making funny calls is the expensive costs attached to them. The Magic Call Mod version has made it easy to make your calls with its unlimited access and endless credit.

Although numerous voice-changing apps are available, this is the only one you will find that is free to use. Also, it doesn’t make it mandatory to add your personal details. So you need not worry about a thing.

Users Reviews
  • Magiccall voice changer is wonderful and interesting application. It is very amazing and awesome app. You can easily change the voice call. I really like this app. The work was very well and fast and enjoyable. The mod is very easy to use.
  • A lot of voice changer apps only have a couple of effects, and even then they’re not usually very consistent. This app lets you make a recording and immediately use that recording for more effects
  • This app is amazing! It has so many effects and cool different background music. You give it your number and you change it slightly. You have UNLIMITED calls with this mod! LOVE IT!
Magic Call Mod APK 4

●    User-Friendly Interface

The Magic Call application is pretty simple to use. Anyone across different age groups can use this app without any hassles. You can conveniently use this app to make calls and switch between other voices.

When you explore the various features of the voice-changer, you can be confident that you will find everything easily. It uses a light user interface and treasures users’ time with its quick loading speed.

●    Background Effects

This application goes beyond helping you change your voice. It also allows you to try your hands with magical background effects, including rain, party, traffic sounds, rush, concert, and even more effects that make your prank more real.

These features make pranking your loved ones a fun event that will catch them unawares. It helps you enjoy an incredible experience during calls. You can also add music emoticons to spice up the experience.

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How To Make Call Using Magic Call Mod APK

  • Download the Magic Call Mod APK app from the play store
  • Select the voice you prefer
  • Choose your desired background, i.e., raining background, traffic, e.t.c
  • Pick the contact and dial the number
  • Start your Magic Call
  • The voice changer gets activated as soon as the call connects and changes your voice into what you’ve chosen.

After you’ve followed these steps, you only have to wait for your friend’s amusing reactions and responses.

Magic Call Mod APK 5

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Magic Call Free?

The latest version, Magic Call Mod APK, is a free application that Android users can access. The current version is 1.6.1, and it gives you access to unlimited credits.

How do I change my voice to a girl?

Magic Call Mod APK has feminine voices and a relatively new feature called Dreamgirl. It will be difficult for your fellow guy friends to determine that it is not your original voice.

Start Calling!

This entertainment app allows you access to free features that can open the door to unlimited fun for you. It will enable you to sound realistic to stage the most hilarious pranks.


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