Modded APK games for Android are the modified versions of the original application where a user gets all the characteristics and features free of cost. For example, if you download Mini Militia Mod APK, then you will receive an infinite number of features such as unlimited Nitro, Health, Ammo, Gas and will also get the free benefit of one-shot kill attribute.

These added features are not available in the original application.
Furthermore, a player may have to pay some cash to get Pro Features of APK, but by installing the modded part one can avail the features free.

Who builds the Mod APKs?
Not only games but modded versions of any APK can be developed by a third-party source. An operating system like Android is one of the world’s largest areas where third-party developers get permission to transform and modify any Android app. In recent times the public prefers to use the modded version of games and other apps than the conventional ones.