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MOD Features: Unlimited Bucks. Unlimited Gold Keys
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Aug 17, 2022
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Racing games remain one of the fun games that players enjoy worldwide. There are many racing games in the mobile gaming market but Race Master 3D has always been one of the most admired among racing game enthusiasts. Since its introduction to the gaming market, Race Master 3D has undergone many upgrades with additional features.

However, one thing remains constant; the gameplay is easy. With a tap on the vertical screen of your mobile device, you can safely navigate the movement of the car. This and many others have attracted a lot of players to the game worldwide. Check out this article for more information.

About the Race Master 3D Mod Apk

The Race Master 3D game is a free racing game that is developed by SayGames Ltd. The game gets you entertained on casual 3D racing tracks. To make this game different from other racing games, the players can choose their car preference, personalize it, and compete against good opponents.

Also, the graphics are perfect for the gaming experience and other fictional elements as you navigate your car through different obstacles on the track. This game allows you to compete in 7 different scenes, tracks, and levels. Once you are immersed in the game, you are ready to go on a racing adventure in 33 locations, with different characteristics amid various challenges.

As you progress in the game on different levels, you will be competing against other cars and random opponents.  Just like a real-life racing competition, your goal as a player is to finish the line on each level as the top racer. Before you get to the finishing line, you would have navigated your way amid traps and other obstacles. You can also bump into barriers such as balls, fans, and cars of your opponents, among others.  

Nevertheless, do not forget to upgrade your car. The more improved your car is, the easier it is to handle, drift, more acceleration, and the likely chances of finishing the race as a top racer. While you can improve your car with coins collection, money, booster, and many more, you can still engage in in-app purchases to get some upgrade features for your car and unlock some racing tracks.

The good news here is that you can still enjoy all these locked premium features on the Race Master 3D Mod Apk for free.

Players Reviews
  • Super fun, and a great idea for a game. I love the customization and levels. The are no ads.
  • I give this game a 10 out of 10! 😒 I enjoy the levels, races, and tracks in here! I have a lot of fun playing this game. The animation is controllable and smooth, The graphics are amazing, The sensitivity is easy to control and there are different tracks and level that come unexpectedly! 😃 Overall the gameplay is great, pretty cool and nice and sweet. You guys did a great job on this game!

Features of the Race Master 3D Mod Apk

No doubt, Race Master 3D is admired by many racing game enthusiasts. Here are some of the features that make the mod apk special.

Unlimited bucks

One of the things you should look forward to when you play the Race Master 3D is a collection of bucks or money. You can use this to improve the features of your car, get a new car, and put yourself in a good position to win the game.

When you do not have enough bucks, you could be frustrated or you buy some on the original game app. On the mod apk, you have access to unlimited bucks, which means you can improve the fortune of your car when it pleases you and have more fun.

Unlimited gold keys

Just like the bucks or money, you also need the gold keys for you to have maximum fun while playing the game. The gold keys are designed to help racers finish in a good position by increasing the acceleration of the car. On the Race Master 3D Mod Apk, you can have as many gold keys as possible.

Premium pass

This is another feature of the game that restricts your performance unless you engage in an in-app purchase. The lack of the pass has frustrated many players but this has been eliminated on the Race Master 3D Mod Apk. 

Free boosters

You can either buy a booster on the app or earn negligible boosters while you are playing the game. Boosters give your car more acceleration and enable you to get to the finish line as the top-ranked player. You get as many boosters as you want for free on Race Master 3D Mod Apk.

No ads

Unless you are playing the original Race Master 3D game on your device without an internet connection, you will likely experience frequent frustrating ads. When you download the Race Master 3D Mod Apk app, you will enjoy the game without any ads.

What you can look forward to

The features highlighted above make the Race Master 3D Mod Apk different from the original version of the game. The following are some interesting things you can look forward to when you download the app.

Ease of control

The way you control and navigate your car amidst all the obstacles on the racetrack on Race Master 3D Mod Apk makes it special from other racing games. Depending on your style, Race Master 3D Mod Apk allows racers to play the game with a single hand on a vertical screen. Tilting the car in the direction you want makes the game entertaining. 

Entertaining sound and graphics

Race Master 3D Mod Apk game has different sounds that get you excited when you are playing the game. The sound you listen to is associated with the engine of the car, cheering fans, brakes, and a lot more. Also, the sophisticated graphics makes it easier for you to view all the details, images, and tracks.

Beautiful tracks

The first thing that will attract you to the game is the design of the tracks. The design of the tracks makes you identify the obstacles quicker and of course, promotes the gaming experience. While some are straightforward, some are bent, dirty, and many more. You can even choose the track you want to race on.


The Race Master 3D Mod Apk comes with different cars which you can customize. The ability of the cars differs and you can opt for any of them. Also, all the cars are visually appealing.


Racing games have always been entertaining and many players still enjoy them today. Do you have the skills and what it takes to finish as the top racer? You can download the game from any of the third-party sources. 


What's new

-Bug fixes!

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