Sacred Sword Princesses MOD APK (Unlimited Diamonds/ Gold)

MOD Features: Unlimited Diamonds, Unlimited Stars & Unlimited Coins. Infinite Crystal Hearts. Unlock All Live Characters
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Mar 30, 2022
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Play this combination of virginity and sex game with our newly released Sacred Sword Princesses MOD APK (Unlimited Diamonds/ Gold).

Get Unlimited Diamonds, Unlimited Stars, and Unlimited Gold Coins resources on your game account. Furthermore, get Infinite Crystal Hearts and unlock all the Live Characters in the game.

Sacred Sword Princesses MOD Apk File Information:

App NameSacred Sword Princesses Mod Apk
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Diamonds, Unlimited Stars & Unlimited Coins. Infinite Crystal Hearts. Unlock All Live Characters
Root Required?No

Sacred Sword Princesses MOD Features:

  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Unlimited Stars
  • Unlimited Gold Coins
  • Unlock Crystal Hearts
  • Unlock All Live Characters
  • 100% Safe (Anti-ban system)
  • Sacred Sword Princesses Mod APK file working on all Android versions
  • Easy to use
  • No need to root your Android device!

Unlimited Gold Coins

In the game Sacred Sword Princesses, gold coins are the primary currency. They can be used to purchase items from shops, as well as to gamble at the casino. Gold coins can also be found as treasures in various locations throughout the game world.

Players will often find themselves short on gold coins, as the cost of living in the game world is quite high. There are a few ways to earn gold coins, such as completing quests, defeating enemies, and selling items. However, the most reliable way to get gold coins is to simply purchase them with real money.

If you find yourself in need of more gold coins, be sure to use our Sacred Sword Princesses Mod Apk. With a little bit of effort, you should be able to earn enough gold coins to keep your wallet full.

Unlimited Diamonds

Along the way, you can collect diamonds that will help you power up your sword. The diamonds are scattered throughout the levels, so it’s important to keep an eye out for them. They’re not always easy to find, but they’re definitely worth collecting.

If you manage to get all of the diamonds on a level, you’ll be rewarded with a special bonus. So make sure you explore every corner of the stage and collect as many diamonds as possible.

Use our Sacred Sword Princesses Mod Apk to get Unlimited Diamonds on your game account for free.

Unlock All Crystal Hearts

Sacred Sword Princesses is a game that revolves around defeating powerful bosses in order to restore peace to the world. Along the way, players can collect various items and allies to help them in their quest.

One of these items is the Crystal Heart, which is said to hold great power. In order for it to be used, however, you must first find all six of them.

The Crystal Hearts are said to be the key to peace in the world of Sacred Sword Princesses. They can be used to vanquish evil and restore balance. According to legend, they were created by the gods and entrusted to six powerful beings.

These beings were tasked with safeguarding the hearts and using their power for good. However, over time, the hearts were lost and fell into the hands of evil. You must now find all six of them in order to use their power for good once again.

The Crystal Hearts are scattered across the world and can be found in various locations. They are well hidden, however, and only those with a strong will and determination will be able to find them. Each heart is said to have its own unique power, so it is important to collect them all.

The Crystal Hearts are some of the most powerful items in Sacred Sword Princesses. They hold the key to peace and can be used to defeat evil. If you’re looking for a powerful item to help you in your quest, be sure to unlock all Crystal Hearts with our latest Sacred Sword Princesses Mod Apk.

About the game

Sacred Sword Princesses is action gameplay, a free role-playing game (category). Sacred Sword Princesses is a game where you play as a princess who sets out to save her kingdom.

The land of the Moon Goddess

The Sacred Sword Princesses pictures a wonderful land that is the dwelling place of only women. The determined lady who is known as the Mistress of the Night is in quest of devouring the entire kingdom of Midgardia. Midgardia which is created by Mani, the Moon Goddess, basks in the glory of its magnificence and splendor.

You or the player was invoked by the Goddess Mani herself in order to preserve the virginity of the land. Get yourself engaged enthusiastically in the task of defeating the group of the Beast and bringing back liberty in the world of Midgardia. You will be assisted by Vessels of the Moon Goddess. You could also play Dead Ninja Mortal Shadow Mod Apk.

Play as a savior

On playing Sacred Sword Princesses mod apk, you should get yourself indulged in training his vessels. He must bind them to his will. Besides, he must unlock the consecrated force concealed in the interior of those vessels!

It’s high time and you should display your best skills and heroic talents to save Midgardia which is doomed to lose its glory and is on the verge of losing its clarity and purity. You will get Infinite Crystal Hearts with Sacred Sword Princesses mod APK.

So, the player will be able to show his devotion and respect to the Goddess thus fighting for her and restoring freedom to the world she has created. Players can also take advantage of the fast-paced combat system.

You can either fight manually or can turn on Auto mode to jump to indulge yourself in the pleasure of lovemaking scenes. So, embark on a glorious journey to the world of an epic game with the Sacred Sword Princesses MOD APK.

Players Reviews
  • Cute fun game with lots of characters to unlock. Game play is easy to learn and entertaining, battle mechanics is unique and engaging. Totally recommended mod.
  • Pretty good! Seems they fixed all the previous issues in the reviews. Graphics could be better but game play is good!

An adult game

Sacred Sword Princesses is a game that is designed only for adults. So, you must be above 18 if you want to play the game thus experiencing the grandeur of the land of maidens which has a divine ambiance with the blessings of Goddess Mani.

The very game is getting a fresh character that players can freely acquire. Although it was designed for adults only, our mod is free age. You can be under 18 years and still can play with our Sacred Sword Princesses mod APK.

The new and novel vessel with the name Cumbie is accessible in teamwork with illustrator Naidong. Naidong actually created them in 2018. Since that time, a following has grown around them in accordance with a press release from Nutaku.

What the developer thinks

HOPE, the game developer has stated his view relating to the collaboration. He said that the collaboration between Cumbie and Naidong is a perfect match for the game Sacred Sword Princesses.

What makes her exceptional are her sturdy character and the superior modules associated with actively developing her in-game skills and abilities. He is, in fact, looking for more appealing and amazing characters that will suit the needs of adult gamers. Download Sacred Sword Princesses Mod APK for Unlimited Diamonds.

View of Naidong

Naidong, the illustrator spoke in a few words about how they come up with the idea of creating Cumbie.

He said that he had designed a number of non-adult game characters. However, a number of the finest essences can be only incorporated into games designed for adults. Cumbie deserves special means as a significant character, which is by nature very sly.

He also added that he was not expecting so much publicity. He actually created what he wanted to accomplish but is much satisfied as fans are in love with it. Get Unlimited Stars and Unlimited Coins with Sacred Sword Princesses mod apk.

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About the main features of the game

A game like Sacred Sword Princesses is one by playing in which players can experience both divine ambiance and adult pleasure. Such gameplay of high class is bound to be designed with exclusive features that will amaze anyone. So, it is better to explore those astonishing features.

The setting of the game is not only fascinating but also expensive. A captivating setting is enough to grasp the attention of an adult gamer. The charismatic classy scenery that the game displays make it a unique one amongst other RPG games! The storylines are not only complex but also playful thus giving an appeal of a blend of intricacy and humor.

Powerful and influential antagonists and Empresses from 12 distinct empires await you to conquer. In other words, players will have to face enemies endowed with power and who will be leading their armed forces.

Create a perfect army

The player will have more than 30 LIVE characters displayed in brilliant 2D graphics. As a player what you have to do is to pick and create the perfect combination of what you desire. He will have to tactfully manage the strategy of his assault. Plan carefully while you sketch your approach. Manage elements as well as classes.

There are gamers who give preference to the fact of being an adult. Precisely, for those players fully exposed 2D mode LIVE associated with nudity is available!

Features at a glance

  • You will have 30+ collectible characters, and play with them free of charge
  • Above 50h of gameplay plus storyline
  • The player must Customize his team and counterfeit equipment
  • PVP in addition to Co-op Battles is available
  • You can get intimate with the members of your squad
  • Acquire more knowledge on them by unlocking the Harem Episodes!
  • The presentation of each character in LIVE 2D will enable players to intermingle with them and discover their emotions.
  • Completely uncensored CGs with diverse settings like Femdom, Bukake, Ecchi, and Paizuri. Besides, there are others.

What’s new in Sacred Sword Princesses? If this question comes to your mind, then the answer is Bug Fixed. The game is available in two versions, and they are Chinese and English. So, what are you waiting for? Download the game now!

Not only that, a novel feature is marked by the arrival of new vessels. Upgrade your level or heighten your rank by displaying unique talents. Win bonuses and don’t forget to unlock hot sex scenes for entertainment!

You can train your characters with magical powers! Download Sacred Sword Princesses MOD APK for Free below!


What's new

[Add] VIP system [Add] Free Pack system [other] Bug fixed

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