Shadow Knight: Ninja Assassin MOD APK (Unlimited Gems)

MOD Features: Free, Unlimited Gems, Unlimited Energy & Unlimited Keys. Unlock All Weapons & All Equipment
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Jump into the real action with the newest Shadow Knight: Ninja Assassin MOD APK.

Get Unlimited Gems, Unlimited Energy, and Unlimited Keys. Moreover, unlock all the Weapons and all the available Equipment in the game.

Shadow Knight: Ninja Assassin Mod Apk File Information:

App NameShadow Knight Premium: Era of Legends Mod Apk
MOD FeaturesFree, Unlimited Gems, Unlimited Energy & Unlimited Keys. Unlock All Weapons & All Equipment
Root Required?No

About the game

Shadow Knight: Ninja Assassin is developed by Fansipan Limited. If you are a fan of swords and magic, then this game is for you. It is an action game, combined with a fantasy world.

Discover the captivating stories and go on an adventure. Try an action game, which has unique gameplay. The game features a world of heroes and demons.

Shadow Knight: Ninja Assassin combines the best features of a mobile action game and engaging gameplay. The elaborate story will keep you engaged.

Solve mysteries, collect weapons, search for hidden treasures, and make history by yourself. Because the content of the game contains moderate content, children below 12 years cannot play this game. The version and size of the game vary according to the device.


Shadow Knight: Ninja Assassin mod apk has the best gameplay. Its elaborate story will keep the players engaged. This story is about a bright and beautiful land called Harmonia.

It is a land where mortal races like humans, dwarfs, Orc spirits, Elf, undead, Beast man, etcetera live. However, one day a deep desire arose. Just because of guilty favor, a tragedy struck. Because of this, everything goes in vain in darkness.

You have to save the world of Harmonia. You are the Shadow Knight: Ninja Assassin. There is an epic battle, which includes monsters. You have to fight against enemies to win over the immortals of the dark world. You are the forceful Shadow Knight, who will bring back the light in Harmonia. Play with Unlimited Gems in Shadow Fight 3 MOD.

Game Features

Shadow Knight: Ninja Assassin has some best game features. Let us discuss them in detail.

  • Experience the action mobile video game set in a dark fantasy world with slash-and-hack gameplay.
  • You will experience the complex terrain by jumping, running, climbing, and many more such activities.
  • Explore and discover the fascinating mystery points.
  • Indulge yourself in dark shadow battles.
  • This fantasy world has adventure towns, forests, and dungeons. The world is full of monsters, skeletons, Orcs, Zombies, and other undead creatures.
  • It is your responsibility to defeat enemies and change the fate of the world.
  • You can do this by collecting the best weapons. There are hundreds of items available. Customize your Shadow Knight and stand yourself apart from other knights.
  • Collect the best weapon, equipment, and rune from hundreds of items.
  • Do as many quests as possible to win big rewards.
  • You need to accomplish more than a hundred achievements.
  • You need to accomplish the quest to collect more gems, keys, energy, etc.
  • Ample rewards are waiting for you in this game.
  • When you are back from playing, you will find them stronger. They will learn new skills and gain new levels.
  • You can train and grow a powerful team of knights, who are ready to save the world.


Shadow Knight: Ninja Assassin mod apk is an action game with amazing features. It has an elaborate story, which enhances the game’s engagement.

You have so much to do that you won’t be bored easily. In a world full of darkness, you will be the ray of light. Ace your shadow game now!

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