Sky: Children of the Light MOD APK (FREE Bundles)
0.15.5 (179644)

MOD Features: Unlock All Bundles, Packs & Season Passes [FREE], Unlimited Sky, Candles & Light Essences
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0.15.5 (179644)
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Get ready to play your favorite game with our RPG Sky: Children of the Light MOD APK (FREE Bundles). Get all the Bundles, Packs and Season Passes for free. Moreover, Unlimited Sky, Unlimited Candles and Unlimited Light Essences resources will be added to your game account.

Sky: Children of the Light MOD Apk File Information:

Sky: Children of the Light apk

App NameSky: Children of the Light Mod Apk
MOD FeaturesUnlock All Bundles, Packs & Season Passes [FREE], Unlimited Sky, Candles & Light Essences
Version0.15.5 (179644)
CategoryRole Playing
Root Required?No

Sky: Children of the Light MOD Features:

  • Unlock All Bundles [FREE ]
  • Unlock Packs [FREE ]
  • Unlock Season Passes [FREE ]
  • Unlimited Sky
  • Unlimited Candles
  • Unlimited Light Essences
  • 100% Safe (Anti-ban system)
  • Sky: Children of the Light Mod APK file working on all Android versions
  • Easy to use
  • No need to root your Android device!

About the game

If you are already excited about this game then go for it on the play store and for more details go through this article. Or download our Sky: Children of the Light mod apk for free.

Are you a fan of role-playing games and bored with all those that are available on the play store? Then you are yet to discover the most exciting Role-playing game ever and that is Sky: Children of the Light. It is coming on the play store very soon and you are in for the greatest amount of entertainment.

This game is completely an adventure game that is to be explored by the player. He can indulge in it with his friends and family and imbibe all the amazing features it has to offer. The game has been designed keeping the gamers in mind who would love to enjoy a role-playing game along with their close ones.

Sky: Children of the Light have been developed by Thatgamecompany Inc. The company is well-renowned for gifting some of the best games to gamers all around the world.

It has created Journey and Flower before and the former was awarded the title of the Game of the Year in 2013. This game is also going to be one of the biggest successes in the world of online games that is soon going to appear on the play store of Smartphones.

This game is a social adventure game that can be enjoyed together with many people. Here, the player will appear in the sky as the children of light and come back as the falling stars. It is extremely fun to play and a lot of interesting elements have made their way to this game.

The game has been animated beautifully and this will help people to enjoy it to the core. There is so much to explore in it and new things will unfold every now and then.

Sky: Children of the Light will allow the player to discover seven new kingdoms that are completely out of the dreams. The player will find all the beautiful things in those kingdoms that he can relate to his dreams. This will hook him to the game as he will want to get more of it.

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Sky: Children of the Light gameplay

There are options for socializing with gamers around the world in this game. A player can interact with other players and share their thoughts and ideas. This will help them in making new friends and thus there are more reasons to love the game.

There are various characters that the player can customize according to his wish. He can choose the one that he likes and wants to resemble. Thus he has got the option for expressing his creativity in the best way possible. He can express his feelings and let other players know about the brilliant skills he possesses.

The game Sky: Children of the Light Mod Apk also allows players to discover unexplored things. Here, players can team up with their fellow players and discover the darkest secrets of the kingdoms. They can explore the treasures that have been hidden for ages and also rescue the spirits that are captured in the kingdoms. Thus, the player can explore some of the most interesting elements in the seven kingdoms that are available for him to explore.

The player can win gifts of light all throughout the game and he can also share them with his friends in the game. This will help him to bring people closer and make strong bonds. He can show his affection or appreciation by sharing the gifts of light and make other people realize his feelings towards them. Also, read more about WITCHEYE MOD.

There are a lot of exciting elements that the game will pour in at short intervals. He will be able to grab many attractive items and take part in various events that happen at different times. Thus the level of excitement is never going to die while one is attached playing to Sky: Children of the Light MOD apk.

Learn about the innovative features

  • Explore seven kingdoms: there are 7 interesting kingdoms to explore in this game. These kingdoms are nothing less than a dream and are filled with amazing elements
  • Socialize with other players: the player can interact with other players in the game who he feels has got the same frequency as his
  • Lots of characters to choose from: there are many characters available in the game Sky: Children of the Light MOD APK and the player can customize them just the way he wants
  • Collaborate with other players: the player can form a team with other players in the game and explore some of the undiscovered things in the kingdoms. He can search for treasures and rescue the spirits from the kingdoms
  • Gifts of light: there are gifts of light in the game that the player can share with his co-players. This will make their bonds stronger and help him make good friends
  • Amazing music to enjoy: the player will be able to enjoy a brilliant musical journey in the game and this will help him make harmonies together with his friends and other fellow players. The music will translate him to the world of his dreams where he will find himself in the virtual kingdom that he has been playing in all throughout
  • New excitements pouring in: there are lots of exciting elements pouring in the game at regular intervals and the player will have to grab them as much as possible. The kingdoms will expand and make way for more amazing things that the player can explore.


Sky: Children of the Light mod apk game has got brilliant gameplay that unfolds little by little. The graphics are of extremely high quality and this helps in treating the players visually.

They can visualize the whole of the kingdom in front of their eyes and enjoy all the amazing features available in it. The sound is of brilliant quality and it adds to the success factor of the game.

Therefore, if you are looking for a new Role-playing game that is filled with brilliant elements then this is the perfect game for you.

Sky: Children of the Light free bundles

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