Star Trek Fleet Command MOD APK (Unlimited Raw Latinum)

MOD Features: Unlimited Raw Latinum & Unlimited Gold
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Download and enjoy playing Star Trek Fleet Command MOD APK (Unlimited Raw Latinum). You can download it for Free from our website. With this mod, you will get Unlimited Latinum and Gold on your game account.

Star Trek Fleet Command Mod Apk Information:

App NameStar Trek Fleet Command Mod Apk
Unlimited Raw Latinum
& Unlimited Gold
Root Required?No

Star Trek Fleet Command MOD Features:

  • Unlimited Raw Latinum
  • Free to download
  • Totally Safe
  • Compatible with all Android versions
  • Star Trek Fleet Command Mod APK file is very easy to install
  • Autoupdate
  • Auto-sync with the game
  • No need to root your Android device!

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Unlimited Raw Latinum

Raw Latinum is the premium currency used in the Star Trek Fleet Command Android game. You can get them by mining. You can mine them in the Neutral Zone and the Faction Zones.

You need Raw Latinum to build the Ferengi D’Vor ship. You need to level up in order to get more Raw Latinum. Yet, with our Star Trek Fleet Command MOD APK you can get Unlimited Raw Latinum resources on your game account at no cost.

About the game

Star Trek Fleet Command is a free to play single-player mobile game with stunning graphics. It is a 4X “exploit, explore, exterminate and expand” mobile strategy game developed by Irish Digit Game studios and circulated by CBS interactive and Scopely.

It was released on November 29, 2018. It is available on the Android and iOS platforms. Start off with your little base and level up, build more ships, and start exploiting the game.


In the beginning, players start off with one ship and a small space station. It is an open world so the players can explore a vast area inhabited by more players. The missions can be picked up from the NPC planets.

The player on a mission can use various resources to spend on new ships and to upgrade the space station to help explore further and hunt for more resources to enhance.

The Star Trek Fleet Command is divided down into two branches: combat and station. Eternal Sword M is also a great game you should start playing.

Combat Research Branch

This branch covers rewards that are related to the capability of the ships, like shield health, improved hull health, and deflection damage bonus. It also helps to unlock new more mighty ships. The research priorities in different ship class for combat fleet command in Star Trek Fleet Command are:

  • Inceptors – armor pierce, dodge, critical damage, attack
  • Explorers – accuracy, shield deflection, and health
  • Battleships – shield pierce, hull health, and armor.

Station Research Branch

This branch is mostly to enhance non-combat devices like warehouse capacity, resource generation, etc. The station branch is mostly required to shield research in defensive technologies. This will also grant combat bonuses and enhance the defense while protecting the Star Base.

There are survey ships also, these are used for mining. The three main ships play by the rule of rock, paper, and scissors where:

  • Battleships have an edge over explorers
  • Inceptors have an edge over Battleships
  • Explorers have an edge over inceptors

In general, an inceptor with 2500 points can easily win over a battleship with 3000 points.

Ways to get more powerful ships

In order to unlock and create a mightier Star Trek Fleet Command ships, few needs should be consummated. Unlocking a ship may be achieved in 2 ways: through analysis (this is however you’ll unlock your initial few ships) or by collecting a definite range of ship blueprints.

To make a ship, once it’s unsecured, you’ll conjointly like a work of associate acceptable level – within work building, faucet details button to look at needs for every ship. Ships can be easily obtained by ruining enemy ships in PVP and PVP and by finishing daily tasks and missions. The first basic ship Realta can be set to enhancing at any time.

The game takes time to try and do everything – strengthen your defenses, repair your ship, travel across the house to have interaction hostiles in battle.

The best part about this game is that it is supporting an Irish games studio, which is doing a bit for the economy.

Star-Trek-Fleet-Command-Unlimited Latinum


Is Star Trek Fleet Command MOD APK any good?

By downloading our Star Trek Fleet Command Mod APK you will get Unlimited Raw Latinum resources on your game account. Thus, we consider it is a great mod. Try it out for yourself! It is safe to download, no risk implied.

What is the strongest ship in Star Trek MOD APK?

Well, there’s Jem’Hadar Fighter, D’deridex-Class Warbird, Galaxy-Class, Akira-Class, Defiant-Class, Jem’Hadar Battle Cruiser, Negh’Var-Class Warship, Sovereign-Class, Jem’Hadar Battleship, and Borg Cube. By far the strongest ship in the Star Trek is Borg Cube.

Is Star Trek Fleet Command MOD free?

Not only that our Star Trek Fleet Command MOD APK is free to download but it is also Ads free.

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  1. Pam says:

    Can you use mod if already playing game? How do you log in?

  2. Nick says:

    The mod is working great

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