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MOD Features: Unlimited Gems & Unlimited Credits
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Derive interest from playing Steel Rage MOD APK (Unlimited Gems/ Credits), a Car Shooter War Game that you can download from our website. Get Unlimited Credits and Unlimited Gems resources on your game account.

Steel Rage Mod Apk File Information:

Steel Rage game

Steel Rage Mod Apk
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Gems & Unlimited Credits
Root Required?No

Steel Rage MOD Features:

  • Unlimited Credits
  • Unlimited Gems
  • No-Ads
  • 100% Safe (Anti-ban system)
  • Steel Rage Mod APK file working on all Android versions
  • Easy to use
  • No need to root your Android device!

About the game

One who is accustomed to playing with gigantic robot’s weighty tanks may know how boring it appears at times. So, one needs downloading Steel Rage, an “Online Combat Cars Shooter War-game” to bring back his interest. Take interest as a player thereby entering into a fight with players worldwide in this fresh and new PvP Shooter with cars with a special mechanism.

You will deserve significance in choosing the machine, weapons to combat, Chassis, blitz, and skills and abilities to prepare yourself for the battle. They must give importance to the upgrading of their machines and customizing them in the way they desire i.e. according to their individual taste which again must be related to their fighting style.

As a player remember one thing, you must make a desperate attempt to come out as the champion! You can also download Car Driving Online MOD Unlimited Diamonds,

Complete customization

Players must select from the vehicle body, armed weapons, chassis, actions that perfectly suit their way they fight. They must not forget to add colors as well as camouflage to make more stylish the vehicle that they have chosen for themselves. To be more clear, a player just made a good try to make his vehicle stylish in accordance with the PvP play mode.

They should fasten down sports car of action as well as armored rage technology (or mech robot). It is up to the player himself how he should make preparation for getting involved in Steel Rage MOD apk, interesting gameplay of action. If you are into racing games, you can enjoy playing our CSR Racing 2 too.

Plenty of auto bodies

In Steel Rage, you will have in excess of 13 auto bodies each of which is capable of performing typical action because of the reason they are modeled with exclusive action plans (specifications) and appearances to cross foes out in course of the struggle. From sports cars, sedans, mini to SUV, muscle, and vans.

Range of weapons

Players should choose weapons of their own tactics relating to their actions. There is an assortment of weapons which includes heavy, medium, and light weapons of armed forces. These are as follows:

  • Missiles
  • AP Projectiles
  • Machine-Guns

Chassis relating to any style of driving

You must give importance to selecting diverse chassis related to any machine of your possession. Make use of sport suspension in improving your pace, SUV suspension or chassis consisting of even 6 wheels in achieving off-road facility. Players can even make a selection of tracks associated with tanks and robotic spider limbs made of steel to enhance maneuverability.

Tactic abilities

A player should complete his Mech Monster thereby getting himself involved in exceptional and matchless action talents and abilities. One should always put on the energy shield for his own defense against his enemies.

The player can make use of a nitro boost for tactical strategic maneuvers, or he can turn out to be Mr. Invisible to plan his attack from ambush so that his enemies are surprised. He can also make a planned retreat.

One should be well-versed in the gameplay of Steel Rage Robot Cars in order to move cautiously. In other words, he needs to master the gameplay because you should display your skills and abilities at the right time to change the course of the battle and cross foes out from the PvP field! Download Steel Rage mod APK to get Unlimited Gems.

Steel Rage coins gems

Countless tactical opportunities

One who should derive interest from Steel Rage MOD apk should accumulate up to 3 dissimilar guns thereby making a salvo from each of them, or he should make use of his own tactics in firing any of them in the correct time. He should protect himself thereby making use of the Energy Shield and target your enemies thus attacking them with a stream of machine guns with AP Shells.

You should launch missiles from cover and as it has been said before become the invisible one. One should also utilize a nitro boost to quickly outflank his opponents.

Explore vast areas

Players will have the experience of vast territories to explore and for maneuvers starting from the countryside right to the city. In a game of combat like Steel Rage mod APK you will get chances to discover and travel around outstanding arenas and utilize topography, buildings as well as other sorts of covers for strategic advantage.

Don’t give your opponents the scope to assault you! If you make space for their attack, you will invite your loss because your opponents can be champions from other parts of the world.

X Full-scale conflict

The player will get up to 30 machines of war in each war. He will get the chance to experience dynamic 6v6 unique battles. Even an extra variety of battles, as well as tactics, deserves special importance in making each match an exceptional one!

Online PvP

Players will get the scope to get them indulged in awe-inspiring battles that are really grand and ostentatious. They will get the chance to encounter international champions. The player must be successful in his endeavor to establish himself as the best combatant with the top mech.


The game displays astounding 3D graphics picturing thoroughly arenas and vehicles modeled in detail. Experiencing three-dimensional views of epic explosions is really a matter of interest. Players can get themselves indulge in experiencing incredible graphics!

Feel free to do experiments

One must indulge himself in testing various builds until he finds his own. He can get indulged in challenging fights with players around the world irrespective of time and place. There is no limit regarding energy as well as other sorts of restrictions.

Simple controls

The presence of intuitive controls enables you to make them change in settings and useful UI will allow you to get involved in combat in no time!

Tweak Graphics

If players don’t have a strong device for playing Steel Rage mod apk, that’s not a big issue because one can run the game on a weak device if he desires to do so. In that case, the player has to pick the graphic set which he thinks is best suited to his Metal Knight.

X Online Action Car Shooter

Players can select a mech that is suited to their own style. They can upgrade as well as customize the same to strike out foes worldwide without restrictions. Regular updates and innovative content are awaiting fighters in the 2019 war-game.

Steel Rage gameplay

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