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Subnautica is an adventure game published and created by Unknown Worlds Entertainment. In this game, players freely explore the ocean on planet 4546B and obtain resources for survival. Download Subnautica APK for the Android game version from our website for free.


Subnautica APK Features:

  • Free to download
  • Easy to install and to play
  • High-Quality Graphics
  • It has all the original game features
  • Subnautica APK file working on all Android versions
  • No need to root your device!

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About the game

Subnautica is an occasionally terrifying and evocative android game. It is an underwater fight for survival game based primarily on the unknown. While it is quite commendable to figure out these various aspects of this game on its own. But sometimes one might get stuck and follow certain guides and tips that can only come in handy.

There are varieties of ways one can go about playing this game. But one must be always aware of numerous terrifying monsters around that can cause significant trouble. So, following these tips will assist and guide gamers of all levels to get a better experience while playing Subnautica on Android.


Subnautica is an open-world android game. There is a lone survivor of a ship called Aurora, and the player controls the lone survivor. The primary objective of the player is to explore the open-world environment and survive the dangers in it. There are so many dangerous things such as Drooping stingers, tadpole-shaped biters, sand sharks, harmful chemicals, etc.

It is very challenging; it is possible that the lone survivor dies if it runs out of clean water or food. Players have to collect resources for their survival; the player has to keep themselves safe by maintaining oxygen, hydration, and nutrition. The game has three modes which are hardcore mode, creative mode, and freedom mode.

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The crafting method is not an easy one; you need to get resources to create big seabases. You can unlock items like Seamoth and Cyclops. And Cyclops allows you to dive deeper without crashing. There are dangerous creatures in the sea, so make sure you avoid them for your safety.

Ensure to scan everything

When starting this game, the scanner is the very first gear that a gamer gets. It is one of the vital pieces of equipment in this entire game. A scanner helps in teaching the player how to build numerous things with the fabricator. Also, scanning the fauna and flora with it helps in gathering valuable information about the neighboring environment.

Try to swim with less equipment’s

It is seen in the game Subnautica that the character tends to swim faster when there is empty hands or no addition additional gear other than necessary attached to the body. This difference is not that significant. But it can play a major role in the case of running out of oxygen while trying to reach the surface.

Sitting prevents water and food to decrease

It is advisable to sometimes sit down in the chair rather than aimlessly swimming around outside. Sitting down actually ensures that the food and water level remain the same. Hence, sometimes passing the time while sitting comes quite in handy especially when there is a shortage of food.

Use the bed to pass the time

Kind of like the chair in Subnautica, the bed functions more or less the same. It helps to skip daytime and acts as a great timesaver. More importantly, it helps save resources and is way more comfortable than swimming in the dark.

Just install the Subnautica apk file on your Android device and you are ready to play this awesome game. You may also want to download and play Adventure Time Game Wizard APK for Free.



Subnautica for Android was developed in August 2018. The development team chose to utilize the Unity engine instead of Spark. The team did not support including lethal weapons in the game. Subnautica was described as “one vote towards a world with fewer guns” by CharlieCleveland. So, on game launching, there were lots of positive reviews; it is an adventure game you will always want to play.

In conclusion, Subnautica is a game that you must play. Download and Play it now on your Android device!

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