AdVenture Communist MOD APK [Unlimited Gold]

MOD Features: Unlimited Gold, Unlimited Science, Unlimited Comrades, Unlimited Resources
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3 Oct 2022
5.0 and up
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AdVenture Communist MOD APK Features

  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited Science
  • Unlimited Comrades
  • Unlimited Resources
  • Free to download
  • Totally Safe
  • Compatible with all Android versions
  • AdVenture Communist Mod APK file is very easy to install
  • Autoupdate
  • Auto-sync with the game
  • No need to root your Android device!


Hurry up to download our AdVenture Communist MOD APK (Unlimited Gold) for the game. Get Unlimited Gold, Unlimited Science, and Unlimited Comrades on your game account. Besides these, you will get Unlimited Resources such as potatoes, land, ore, bullet, and placebo.

AdVenture Communist Mod Apk File Information:

App NameAdventure Communist Mod Apk
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Gold, Unlimited Science, Unlimited Comrades, Unlimited Resources
Root Required?No

About the game

The developers of AdVenture Capitalist are back with a bang with their latest endeavor, which goes by the name of AdVenture Communist. What gamers can expect from this latest release is nothing shy of a masterpiece.

The moral of the game is quite simple as it only requires the players to become glorious leaders of their Communist states, and in the process, they are required to collect a lot of resources, along with research upgrades and several other optimizations which would help them to propel their quest. The game is similar to Last Day on Earth: Survival.

This game has already managed to become an idle clicker which excels its predecessor quite effectively. Thus, the players need not invest all their time in hovering over the game screen. They can switch offers as the game continues to earn revenues on its won as instructed.

In short, this is a perfect simulator game that will invigorate the communistic ideology within oneself.

For players who have already tried AdVenture Capitalist, they will find it easy to go on with the game without any guidance, but for the newbie, this article is going to be a guide in every initial step of their gameplay days.

The new twists and turns are developed to offer more dynamics to the game in terms of boundless simulations. So, let’s get started without any further ado. This walkthrough will definitely help you to earn more currency. Get Unlimited Science, Unlimited Gold, and Unlimited Comrades with our AdVenture Communist MOD APK.

Concentrate on holding off for more instead of tapping

The interesting concept of AdVenture Communist Mod APK which was already mentioned previously is the proper implementation of the idle clicker. So, how does the idle click work? Well, it’s quite simple.

Players will only have to tap on the green resource button and hold it once for the process of collecting resources to get started. So, you can definitely sit back, get your other stuff done, relax and finally press pause again to continue with your quest.

An example can be considered, where players are only required to hold onto the green button which will allow 100 potatoes to get collected, and in return, they will be allowed to purchase their very own farmer for the first time.

So, for the newbies, it is recommended to continue holding onto the green button for resources until they are successfully able to complete their first automated purchase which includes land industry workers and potato industry farmers, and many more.

Get hold of powerful comrades in order to rank up

As the name suggests, AdVenture Communist has a strong connection to the jargon of Communism. This includes making the most out of your collection of primary Comrade Currencies for improving the state’s population and also for boosting your rank.

The proportionality of earning new comrades is increased on the basis of the increasing popularity of your gameplay character. Thus, in order to increase the popularity of your character all you need to do is continue winning new missions and completing them effectively.

Missions are an integral aspect of latest the AdVenture franchise

Missions in AdVenture Communist Mod Apk are nothing other than quests that can be completed normally in due course of time. An example can be considered when the players would be asked to buy a fixed quantity of farmers, potatoes, collectives, or communes.

There is always an option of getting this stuff organically without any special effort from the player’s end. One drawback which is easily visible after a few trials is the positioning of the mission toolbar at the lower-left corner of the screen.

So, every time the players need to click on the mission menu to check the degree of completion of their missions. Doing so ensures that the missions can be completed faster than the required time. This will allow the gamers to continue customizing the game further to ensure a sound conclusion for each chapter at a faster rate.

Resources are connected

You must be familiar with the song of Circle of life from the Lion King, but don’t get it wrong it is quite different from things altogether. Basically, the resources are connected with each other.

For example, the potato industry helps in the production of communes with the help of collectives, then again, the communes help in the production of farmers. The farmers, in turn, help to maximize the production of potatoes.

Thus, in order to get hold of a new commune, the players are required to fill up their collective bars as fast as possible. Thereafter the bar resets. But the key point to remember is the fact that players will have to buy new resources at a legit cost.

The price of the resource is displayed in the “i” button in the AdVenture Communist MOD APK. By making similar resource purchases for some time, the rate of filling the resource bar will increase quite faster than the rest.

For example, in order to build a potato industry, if the player continues to buy communes of a similar genre, the game will start to generate revenues at a faster rate. We have also developed a mod for DEAD TARGET with Unlimited Money and Unlimited Gold.

Watch out for Ad boosts

Early into AdVenture Communist, players will be given a brief idea as to how the ads will be helpful for them to get a proper idea of the maximum tweaks possible.

This is quite simply because of the fact, that watching a full ad video without skipping them will ensure that the resource boosts are collected faster than in normal conditions. In the upper right corner, a television icon is present which the boost button is.

By clicking on that menu, players will be given an overview as to which ads they must not skip in order to get hold of certain qualities faster. Thus, players will be able to exponentially increase their production rates all across their boards. With our AdVenture Communist mod apk though, you will have no ads.

Each mission has a specific medal of honor

Right at the opening screen or the main menu of AdVenture Communist mod APK, players will be able to view the rewards after the completion of each mission with their respective icons below each of the missions. Players have the privilege of earning a medal for digging up potatoes, and also recruiting new farmers for their industries.


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